Why choose us?

Because our products are great value for money

We do our best to meet the highest quality expectations of our valuable clients and keep reasonable pricing for all our blinds. The secret to our prices is that we source all our components and fabrics in big quantities and benefit from the effect of scale. We are using one of the best known suppliers of components on the market – Uniline and are proud of its history of more than 50 years of manufacturing the highest quality components for indoor and outdoor blinds.

Because our blinds and awnings are made to measure

We offer only custom made roller blinds. This means that they will perfectly fit any of your windows or doors. We can manufacture blinds based on your measurements or arrange a free in-home consultation with our friendly and always willing to help experts who will do all the work for you, so you can rest assured that your roller blinds will fit your interior impeccably.

Because we offer a great range of fabrics

That is what we are about – offering a vast range of fabrics.

SunGuard offers thermal roller blinds that keep the heat outside during summer and warmth inside during winter.

Blockout roller blinds shield almost 100% of UV rays and glare saving your furniture and interior from fading.

Sunscreen roller blinds will give you reasonable UV protection and good window views.

SunGuard dual roller blinds allow you to combine two completely different fabrics, e.g. blockout and sunscreen.

Because our blinds and awnings are manufactured in Auckland

Our blinds are manufactured using the latest technology and are assembled by our well-trained staff in Auckland, so it is both time and quality that you will be satisfied with. We aim at finishing 90% of orders within 10 working days of the deposit date.

Because our fabrics are high quality

We offer a free NZ wide delivery on all orders – give us a call to find out more.

Because our fabrics are high quality

All fabrics used for SunGuard blinds are solid and durable. They are mould, water and fade resistant. Some of our fabrics have a 10 year warranty! Try to find a better deal!

Because we are friendly and hard-working and we do our best to come up to even the most demanding expectations!

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