Honeycomb Blinds – single, double cell

Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds – Best blinds for insulation/keeping heat out

25/38 mm fabrics

Single/double cell

Blockout/light-filtering/sheer fabrics

Cord/looped cord/cordless options

Automation options available

Blockout/light-filtering/sheer honeycomb fabrics

Plain/textured fabrics

3 weeks lead time

Honeycomb Blinds benefits

Honeycomb blinds are a great way to insulate your windows and keep your house or office warm during winter and cool in summer. The best thing about honeycomb or cellular blinds (as they are sometimes called) is the way these blinds are designed. Honeycomb blinds fabrics are engineered to trap the air inside the cells. Some of the blockout honeycomb blinds have a special aluminium foil lining inside, ensuring even better insulation properties of these honeycomb blinds.

We measure and install our honeycomb blinds in all of Auckland suburbs and regions, including (but not limited to) North Shore, Albany, Browns Bay, Campbells Bay, Castor Bay, Glenfield, Long Bay, Milford, Takapuna, Torbay, Hibiscus Coast, Gulf Harbour, Manly, Silverdale, Whangaparaoa, Auckland Central, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Mission Bay, Parnell, , Ponsonby, Remuera, St Heliers, Mt Eden.

We offer a great selection of blockout (opaque), light-filtering (translucent) and sheer (see-through) honeycomb fabrics in a range of colours and textures. This ensures that you can choose an appropriate fabric for every particular area of your home.

Our honeycomb blinds have a wide range of control systems:

  • cord – similar to venetian blinds
  • looped cord – similar to roller blinds, cord is of fixed length
  • cordless – you simply pull the blinds up/down using the bottom bar

Our fabrics for honeycomb blinds come in different widths:

  • 25 mm – single and double cell available
  • 38 mm – single and double cell available

The honeycomb blinds fabrics are available in the following options:

  • single cell
    • semi opaque
    • cloth
    • linen
    • embossed
    • opaque
  • double cell
    • semi opaque
    • opaque

All accessories used in our cellular blinds are colour matched to achieve the best possible look – the headrail, the bottom rail and the operating cord will be colour matched to the fabric.

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Honeycomb blinds
Light filtering honeycomb blinds in Castor Bay
Single cell blockout honeycomb blinds
Single cell blockout honeycomb blinds
Double cell translucent honeycomb blinds
Double cell translucent honeycomb blinds

Our cellular blinds come in the following configurations:

Standard cord lock bottom-up honeycomb blinds

A classic operating system with a cord which is pulled to raise the blind. To lock in the desired level just pull sideways. To release – pull in the opposite direction and lower the shade. Can be supplied with a children safety device.

Cordless honeycomb blinds

Hand operated cellular blinds with finger tab on bottom rail

Dual corded honeycomb blinds

Top down, bottom up honeycomb blinds

Clutch operated honeycomb blinds

Continuous cord drive unit

Dual Corded – Day-night

An opaque and semi-opaque (or sheer) fabrics combined in one blind

Cordless Top-down bottom-up honeycomb shades

Control tab operation


We also have a wide range of automation options, such as remote controlled cellular blinds, battery driven motors and rechargeable headrail motors.

Skylight suitable honeycomb shades

Wand operated

Automated cellular blinds
Automated cellular blinds
Cord operated cellular blinds
Cord operated cellular blinds
Translucent Honeycomb blinds
Translucent Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds fabrics

We offer three classes of fabric with completely different characteristics.
Choose any two of them for your unique Day/Night cellular blinds:

Blockout/Opaque honeycomb fabrics

Great choice if you need total privacy and light isolation. Ideal for bedrooms or media rooms.

Translucent honeycomb fabrics

You can’t see through these fabrics but they still allow some light in creating a nice balance. They effectively protect all your furnishings from UV and direct sun rays.

Sheer honeycomb fabrics

An analogue to a net curtain. It softens the light and makes your interior look gorgeous, it’s just the icing on the cake.

What honeycomb blinds are right for me?

Blockout Honeycomb Blinds

Blockout honeycomb blinds

100% pricacy and blockout

Great for insulation

Available in 25/38 mm fabircs

Best for bedrooms

Light-filtering Honeycomb Blinds

Translucent honeycomb blinds

Translucent fabrics – allow natural light in

Daytime privacy

Great looking blinds

Best for lounges and playrooms

Sheer Honeycomb Shades

Sheer honeycomb blinds

See through fabrics

Daytime privacy

Fantastic design

Best for secluded houses

Automated cellular honeycomb blinds

Why choose our honeycomb blinds?

Great factory-direct prices!

Wide range of fabrics to choose from

Variety of operating systems

Day-night blinds

Manual and automated

Start enhancing your house and transform it in a cozy home

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Honeycomb blinds NZ – technical characteristics and features:

How are honeycomb blinds packaged? Can I order honeycomb blinds online?

Our company takes quality assurance very seriously. Each blind is individually wrapped and each package is clearly labelled for easy identification. Multiple honeycomb blinds for a single order may be put in one package.

What components are used in rollershades manufacturing?

We only use high quality fabrics and components to manufacture our honeycomb blinds. All parts and fabrics as well as some ready-made honeycomb blinds are imported from one of Taiwan’s most regarded honeycomb blinds supplier.

What areas are your honeycomb blinds suitable for?

You can install our honeycomb blinds in any part or area of your home or office. Cellular blinds have been tested to provide some of the best shade, UV protection and heat/cold retention. Honeycomb blinds fit greatly in bedrooms, lounges, offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, home offices. Try avoiding very windy areas, areas easy to access by pets and very humid areas.

What are the maximum dimensions of honeycomb blinds?

Maximum and minimum dimensions of honeycomb blinds depend on the fabric used and its operating system. Please find a reference image below.

Honeycomb blinds maximum dimensions
Honeycomb blinds maximum dimensions

How are honeycomb blinds measured?

There are two main types of measurement of honeycomb blinds: inside (reveal) and outside (face) mount. For inside mount it is critical to provide accurate measurements in order to achieve the best results. Measure the width of the reveal (frame) in 3 points (top, middle, bottom). Deduct 5 mm off the narrowest dimension obtained. No deduction is required for the drop (height) to allow for some spring-back in cordless and blockout honeycomb blinds.

Outside mount is a bit easier and doesn’t have to be as accurate as inside mount – in general we recommend measuring the width from outside of architrave to outside of architrave. Drop is measured from the top of architrave to the bottom of the architrave. None deductions are necessary.

How to install honeycomb blinds?

Installation brackets are universal – fit both inside and outside mount. Brackets can be installed at any point along the head rail – preferably to a secure wall or reveal fixing point. At least one bracket should be located as near as possible to the control end of the blind to support the cord operation. 

We can also supply our honeycomb blinds fitted with hold down brackets, that are installed on the sill to hold the blind and prevent from flapping in the wind.

How to clean cellular blinds?

Do not use chemical cleaning agents on the fabric. 

Use a hair dryer on cold to gently remove dust or use an anti-static soft brush or cloth to gently attract dust from the fabric.

If there is a particular spot that needs cleaning, use a damp cloth with a very mild detergent. Harsh rubbing may remove some of the colour and distort the surface.

Child safety for honeycomb blinds.

We always recommend installing child safety devices.

Translucent honeycomb blinds
Translucent honeycomb blinds
Blockout honeycomb blinds
Blockout honeycomb blinds
Double cell honeycomb blinds
Double cell honeycomb blinds
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