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Pleated Blinds

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Pleated Blinds benefits

There’s a lot to love about our pleated blinds, particularly if you are into saving energy and adding more insulation to your home and office. Pleated blinds we offer are made using the fabrics and components from one of the best manufacturers in the world – Cosiflor (Germany). As we all know, Germans are really good when it comes to saving energy (you might’ve heard about passive houses, that are currently taking off here in NZ as well – this is a German concept).

Pleated blinds are a perfect solution for customers who are looking for an energy efficient window treatment solution.

Pleated blinds are especially great for a solution for side blinds, roof blinds and conservatory blinds. As some of the systems are pre-tensioned and have guide wires on the sides – these blinds are a perfect solution for conservatory windows or any locations that require the blinds to be tensioned – this prevents the blinds from rattling in the wind and hitting the window.

Cosiflor pleated blinds suit any joinery you can find in Auckland – Aluminium, Timber and even PVC – just ask our friendly team for advice!

Pleated shades are also perfect for families with little kids – we make a wide range of cordless pleated blinds that are completely child safe. All pleated blinds with cords have child safety devices supplied.

VS system
Cosiflor VS System
Cosiflor DF System
Cosiflor DF System
Cosiflor F System
Cosiflor F System

Operating Systems

VS system

This pleated blinds system is handle operated and is completely cordless. The system is fitted with tension feet or brackets at the top and bottom. Special rubber handle on the moving rail allows to easily move the rail up and down. This system is child safe as there are no loose cords. For high level blinds operating rods are available. The VS system can be manufactured as a Day/Night blind with 2 different fabrics for UV protection and night time privacy and insulation.

F system

The F system is a free hanging pleated blinds system operated with a cord. The top rail is fixed and the blind is operated with a stylish pull cord similar to venetian blinds. The F system can be manufactured as a Day/Night blind with 2 different fabrics for UV protection and night time privacy and insulation. F system Cosiflor blinds can be also automated.

DF system

The DF system was developed especially for skylight windows. This blind system works best with the following roof windows – Velux, Roto, Fakro and Braas.

PL system

Roof windows/conservatories are one of the main sources of extra heat inside your home during summer and also that where the most heat is lost during winter. PL system offers sun protection and heat loss reduction at the same time. The PL system utilises silicone coated steel guide wires to prevent fabric from sagging. The PL conservatory roof system can be automated and can even be integrated into a smart home system.

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European made fabrics and components

Wide range of fabrics – blockout/dim-out/translucent/transparent

Manual and automated

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Have a look at some of our best selling pleated fabrics:

Dessin 775
Dessin 775 fabric
Blockout pleated fabric
Dessin 081
Dessin 081
Translucent pleated fabric
Dessin 085
Dessin 085
Translucent pleated fabric

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    Pleated blinds NZ – technical characteristics and features:

    What fabrics are used in Cosiflor pleated blinds manufacturing?

    Cosiflor pleated blinds come in approximately 60 different fabrics, ranging in colours/textures and technical characteristics. Here are some of the main ones:


    Perlex is a coating on the fabric that reflects the sunlight. Fabrics with Perlex coating allow light into the room while reflection approximately 60-70% in neutral and light colours. There is a wide range of fabrics available with Perlex coating.


    Most fabrics are very easy to clean. Most designs can be washed (30 deg. handwash), others can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Please click here to read the care instructions.

    Fabric Properties

    Pleated fabrics come in Transparent, Semi-Transparent, Dim Out and Black Out​ option to suit your needs. our honeycomb range is available in transparent, translucent and block out.


    All fabrics are made of Polyester (PES) or Viscose (CV) or a combination of both.

    OEKO-TEX standard 100

    Our fabrics comply with the OEKO-TEX standard. The standard ensures the use of environmentally compatible technologies, chemicals and dyes (e.g. omission of chlorine bleach) in the production of the fabrics. For more information see

    What technical characteristics should we be looking at when ordering pleated blinds?


    ​Percentage of light and heat passing through the glass that is reflected by the fabric back to the outside.


    ​Percentage of heat absorbed by the fabric. Darker colour fabrics absorb more heat in comparison to lighter fabrics.


    Percentage of light and heat that passes through the fabric and ends up inside the room.

    Pleated blinds technical info

    What areas are the pleated blinds suitable for?

    Pleated blinds are suitable for any rooms or areas in your home or office – bedrooms, lounges, kitchens, kids rooms, conference rooms. They are especially great for conservatories and other areas where you’d benefit from having guide wires.

    How do you care for pleated blinds?

    Pleated blinds are very easy to clean and care for – our Cosiflor pleated blinds can be washed in a solution of warm water (30 degrees max) and a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly, push the fabric into its stack and carefully squeeze the water out. After that, just hang the blind in a closed position and pull it up/down several times while it’s drying. 

    Please note that these instructions exclude all metallised fabrics as well as coated blockout fabrics. Those can be wiped with a wet cloth if required. 

    Please make sure to keep the metal parts of automated and hand operated blinds away from water and detergent where possible.

    Pleated blinds care
    Duette® honeycomb blinds fabrics

    Sophisticated and technologically advanced – these are our honeycomb blinds. Blockout or translucent – these blinds will hugely improve the thermal regulation inside your house.

    Provence Timber Shutters in Parnell

    SunGuard timber shutters look and feel superb: they’re stylish and smooth. They are very practical too, boasting their remarkable durability.

    The timber through its individual charm and style gives the shutters the unique, elegant character.

    Riviera AL PVC shutters in Devonport

    Sturdy and reliable – our PVC indoor shutters are suitable for all areas in your home, but especially for humid areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.


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