Acmeda motorisation for roller blinds

Why choose our Acmeda motorized roller blinds?

Sleek design and great reliability

Wireless motors – no need to call a sparky

AC 240V MOTORS – continuous power

Compatible with home automation systems

Works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant

Acmeda automated roller shades can use automation to respond to changes in natural light and weather, creating a more comfortable interior and enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.

You can take full advantage of this technology by designing customized scenes in the app (a Wi-Fi hub is required), allowing you to regulate the amount of natural light entering your home and adjust the shades accordingly throughout the year.

In addition, if you use battery motors to power your smart shades, you can optimize the efficiency and convenience of your system by installing additional Solar Panels. This panel harnesses sunlight to power your shades, eliminating the need for manual charging and providing you with a worry-free experience.

Remote operated blinds are a great addition to any home – having your blinds automated makes it much easier to operate them – you can even control up to 15 blinds with a single touch of a button! Can you imagine how much time this can save you?

Automatic roller blinds can be operated either with a remote or with a wall switch (both hard-wired and wireless). The remotes are very easy to use – they generally only have 3 control buttons – one for lifting the blind, one for lowering it and a third one to stop the blind anywhere in between the end positions. We can also set up the motor to have a favourite position – depending on your preferences.

Another great advantage of automated roller blinds quite obvious – no rattling control chains – makes it much more comfortable and visually appealing.

Automate Zero Li-ion Series – wirefree motors

The Wire-Free motor, powered by a rechargeable, ultra-quiet lithium-ion battery, is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized shade applications.

This range of motors is completely wire-free and designed to be inconspicuous. The Zero Li-ion Series can be retrofitted onto existing smaller rollers, ranging from 580mm widths up to medium-sized 3-meter-wide applications. When used in combination with a linking solution, it can even be used for longer shades. The Automate® Zero Li-ion Series is compatible with roller shading systems and can also be adapted for roman shades.

Acmeda Li-Ion motors


  • The motor head of the Li-Ion motor features a slim design that minimizes the light-gap between the shade and window frame. Additionally, it has a specially designed groove that accommodates the antenna cable, making it easy to conceal and maintain a clean aesthetic appearance.
  • Motor head cap accessory is designed to cover the motor and conceal all visible wires, providing a sleek and streamlined look to your shades.
  • Li-Ion Zero is acoustically engineered to insulate sound, making it the quietest Automate motor available.
  • The motor’s soft stop feature ensures a gentle and smooth closure of the shade, creating an elegant finish.
  • The motor’s battery level can be checked with a single touch of the remote control, as the motor will move the shade to indicate the remaining battery percentage.
  • Li-Ion Zero can be charged easily and conveniently using any micro USB cable charger.
  • The motor head design allows for the use of 12mm tongue brackets, ensuring a secure and reliable hold.
  • With its slim motor head, this system can be easily retrofitted to retain manual shade systems, thereby eliminating the need for bracket adjustments.
  • Automate Radio Communication (ARC®) uses bidirectional communication to keep you updated on battery levels and shade positioning via the Automate Pulse 2 app.

Automate E6 Motor – wired motor with electronic limits

The Automate® E6 motor is an excellent option for providing uninterrupted power to your shades, especially during renovations or new construction when electrical wiring is being established.

With this motor, shades can be made up to 3 meters wide and 2 meters in height. The Rollease Acmeda Easy-Link system can be used to connect up to 3 linked shades, resulting in a width of up to 9 meters. The E6 motor is directly compatible with roller systems, but it can also be adapted for use with roman shades and Venetian blinds.

Acmeda E6 motor - electronic limits


  • Automate E6 motors use bi-directional communication through ARC® (Automate Radio Communication) to provide real-time feedback on the position of shades via the Automate Pulse 2 app.
  • Automate programming instructions are simplified to ensure speedy movement of your shades, whether you are using a remote control or an app for shade setup.
  • You can define your favourite shade position, in addition to the upper and lower limits, which can be programmed and set for easy access.
  • The limit adjustment of the shade can be precisely set with incremental steps, enabling accurate positioning.

Automate M6 Motor – wired motor with mechanical limits

The M6 mechanical limit motor is a great option for powering your roller shades continuously, especially when electrical wiring is being established during renovations or new construction.

Shades up to 3 meters in width and 2 meters in height can be created using this motor, and the Rollease Acmeda Easy-Link system can be used to link up to 3 shades for a total width of up to 9 meters.

Acmeda M6 motor


  • The programming instructions for Automate M6 are simplified to ensure that your shades start moving as soon as possible.
  • The cost-effectiveness of M6 makes it a great solution for commercial environments that require multiple motors. It can help reduce installation and maintenance costs.
  • The M6 Acmeda motors can be integrated into any home automation system, regardless of the brand.
  • M6 motors are reliable in operation and are not affected by interference from other devices.

Automate DC Motor – low voltage motors

With the low voltage DC Zero motor, there is no need for recharging as it is connected to a power source. Due to its low voltage, a standard electrician is not required for installation. If you need to set up multiple motors, you can use the optional distribution panel.

With its extra-quiet technology, the low voltage DC Zero motor is an excellent option for achieving narrow shade widths.

To ensure uninterrupted operation of the motor, you can choose from three different power charging solutions. Our charging accessories include a power cable, an external battery pack, or a DC distribution box that can charge up to 18 motors.

DC Zero motors


  • You have the option to choose from three power solutions to provide continuous power to your motors: a powering cable, an external battery pack, or a DC distribution box that can power up to 18 motors.
  • The innovative motor cap is an optional accessory that is custom-designed to eliminate visible wires.
  • The Elegant Soft Stop feature gently decelerates the motor to prevent abrupt stops that may damage the shade or reduce the battery’s lifespan, resulting in a smoother and more graceful operation.
  • You can upgrade your existing manual or motorized shade systems with ease, without the need for bracket adjustments. The retrofitting process is designed to maintain existing deductions, achieve minimal light gap, and ensure a seamless transition to the new system.
  • The Automate motor is engineered to operate quietly with its variable speed and soft stop function, making it the quietest motor yet.
  • The DC Zero motor is suitable for narrow shade widths, with the ability to power shades as narrow as 432mm using an external battery pack. This makes it an ideal solution for shading applications such as doors.
  • The motor head design is patented and provides the smallest light-gap possible. The antenna cable can also be hidden inside the motor head for a cleaner appearance.
  • The DC Zero is equipped with a Battery Check Action feature that allows it to move the shade and indicate the remaining battery life when connected to a battery and a Push5 remote.

Automate Push remotes

Automate provides a variety of stylish handheld and wall switches to operate your motorized shades, blending seamlessly into your interior design. Slimline mounts with magnetic connections keep your remotes in place when not in use. The Automate® Push series combines elegance and practicality with its robust, well-crafted design. You can choose from two premium finishes, Gloss White and Matte Black, for the 5 or 15 channel remote that suits your decor.

The remotes offer easy-to-use tactile buttons that light up upon pressing, along with favorite position and group channel options.

Automate Push remotes


  • The remote features a sleek, sophisticated design that stands out.
  • Tactile buttons
  • Five & Fifteen Channel Options
  • Favorite position setting
  • Durable build

Automate Paradigm remotes/wall switches

The Paradigm Plus remote has a modern design and buttons that provide a tactile response when pressed. This remote is available in fifteen channels and comes equipped with push button controls, leveling control, and an LCD display. It also has a hide unused channel function and an optional slim magnetic wall mount.

The Paradigm wall switch has contemporary, wire-free design is retrofit-ready and suitable for any location. It is available in single, two, and fifteen channels, with an LCD display on the 15 channel remote. The remote also includes a function to hide unused channels and the ability to group multiple shades onto one channel.

Paradigm + remote
Paradigm wall switch

Wi-Fi Hub

The second generation of the Pulse hub, designed in California to showcase its aesthetics, now offers even more customization options through the addition of new scenes and timers.

The upgraded hub incorporates native technology that accounts for sunset and sunrise, allowing for accurate and automatic shade control based on the location of the shades.

The Pulse 2 seamlessly connects to a home network via built-in Wi-Fi or LAN connection, providing luxurious automated shade control.

Moreover, the Automate Pulse 2 offers more integrations than its predecessor. You can now control the shades through voice commands via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homekit with Siri.

The Automate Pulse 2 App allows for advanced control of your shades directly from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

By utilizing the app, you can organize your shades by room or scene, establish personalized schedules, and set timers to ensure convenient and efficient control of your shades.

Acmeda Pulse Hub

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