Motorized Roller Blinds

Why choose our motorized roller blinds?

Wide range of automation options

Wireless motors – no need to call a sparky

Easy to control – remote operated blinds

Integrated batteries – no battery containers

Operate with your phone – app available

Did you know that you can easily order motorized roller blinds in Auckland with absolutely zero hassle? Our range of automated roller blinds includes a wide array of motors from the industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers, including such brands as Somfy (France), Alpha (China) and Acmeda (Australia).

Remote operated blinds are a great addition to any home – having your blinds automated makes it much easier to operate them – you can even control up to 15 blinds with a single touch of a button! Can you imagine how much time this can save you?

Automatic roller blinds can be operated either with a remote or with a wall switch (both hard-wired and wireless). The remotes are very easy to use – they generally only have 3 control buttons – one for lifting the blind, one for lowering it and a third one to stop the blind anywhere in between the end positions. We can also set up the motor to have a favourite position – depending on your preferences.

Another great advantage of automated roller blinds quite obvious – no rattling control chains – makes it much more comfortable and visually appealing.

We work with the best automation suppliers:

somfy automation
Somfy (France)
Alpha automation
Alpha (China)
Automated roller blinds in Castor Bay

Motorized roller blinds features

What indoor blinds can be automated?

The majority of our indoor sunshade can be easily automated – roller blinds of all types (blockout, sunscreen, light-filtering, thermal, double), even honeycomb blinds can be motorized.

How are roller blinds motorised?

Modern day automated roller blinds have a sleek design – all motors are tubular, meaning that they are inserted into the roller blind’s tube and the majority of them have no other parts fitted outside, making motorized roller blinds probably the best looking blinds in our range. The motors are usually controlled with a remote – this is the easiest way to enjoy all the benefits of automatic blinds. We can supply remotes with a different number of channels, making it possible to control up to 15 blinds with 1 remote. You can also operate multiple blinds at the same time.

Can I control roller blinds from my cell phone?

Some of our motorised roller blinds can even be controlled via your cell phone, either iOS or Android. You would require an additional hub unit (such as Somfy Connexoon) which would be able to transmit the signal from your phone’s app to the blinds’ motor. This would allow you to set up alarms, so that the blinds would automatically go up/down depending on the time of the day. These systems can also be integrated into smart home systems and controlled via Google Home or Amazon Alexa systems. You could even close or open your blinds when you’re not at home – from your office or while being at a supermarket.

How are motorized blinds charged?

There is a range of options on how the blinds are powered and charged:

  • hardwired motors – need to be connected to the power system by an electrician – the most intrusive option, however doesn’t require recharging at a later stage
  • battery driven motors – run on regular batteries from your local supermarket – either replace the old batteries or simply charge them with a charger. These are generally supplied with an outside mounted battery case.
  • rechargeable motors – come with a wire and a charger (similar to a cell phone charger) – these need to be recharged based on the frequency of use -approximately every 500 cycles.

Range of Somfy indoor blinds remotes and wall switches

Somfy 4 channel remote
Somfy 4 channel remote
Somfy wireless wall switch
Somfy wireless wall switch
Somfy wall switch
Somfy wall switch

How much do motorized roller blinds cost?

The exact cost of motorized roller blinds depends on the final specifications of the roller blind, including its measurements and the type of motor used. As a general guide, approximate cost to motorize 1 roller blind using a high quality reliable automation package is about 400 dollars.

What other indoor blinds can be motorised?

Our range of motorized honeycomb blinds is great – unobtrusive built in motors fitted inside the headrails make operating your automated honeycomb blinds much easier. 

Range of tubular motors for roller blinds

Somfy Sunea RTS motor
Somfy Sunea RTS motor
Somfy Altus RTS motor
Somfy Altus RTS motor
Alpha RTS motor
Alpha RTS motor

Why Somfy?

Somfy is the world leader in the indoor blinds automation. Somfy is a premium manufacturer, based in France. They offer a wide range of tubular motors, high end remotes and smart home integration systems, such as Connexoon. This system can be integrated into any smart home system.

Why Alpha?

Alpha manufactures a wide range of affordable high-quality motors for roller blinds, awnings and screens. Their motors are easy to program and can be controlled with a simple radio frequency remote or connected to a building management system. Alpha motors are safe and reliable. 

Suncreen roller blinds office

Sunscreen roller blinds are great for creating daytime privacy, reducing glare on screens while allowing natural sunlight in.

Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds – what a great way to combine best of blockout and sunscreen roller blinds in one sleek looking unit. Easy to control and elegant.

Thermal Roller Blinds

Blockout roller blinds are probably the most popular roller blinds – great looking and non-intrusive fabrics are a perfect match for commercial blinds.


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