Ziptrak Blinds

Mesh fabric Ziptrak blinds Auckland
Mesh fabric Ziptrak blinds
Clear PVC Ziptrak blind Auckland
Clear PVC Ziptrak blind Auckland

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

No gaps on the sides – fabric slides inside the tracks

Up to 6.0 m wide (mesh)

Up to 5.5 m wide (clear/tinted PVC)

Up to 3.5 m in drop

5x standard hardware colours and Dulux custom powder coating

Clear or tinted Achilles (Japan) PVC

Shadeview and Serge Ferrari Mesh fabric

Serge Ferrari W96 Proof waterproof mesh option

135 and 165 mm streamline pelmets / 135 mm flashing

Manual spring loaded operation

Automated (Alpha hard wired motorisation) operation

Optional custom made flashings, infills

Fixed posts

Removable posts

Ziptrak screens features

Ziptrak blinds is a sophisticated outdoor blinds system designed and engineered in Australia. It has been rigorously tested to suit harsh NZ weather conditions – both during windy and wet winters and hot summers.  It is a premium outdoor blinds solution, providing great wind and rain protection, all due to its elegant yet sturdy vertical tracks system. Furthermore, its spring assisted operation is one of the easiest and smoothest on the market! You can easily slide it up or down the tracks and even leave at any height – the tracks and the spring in the tube will hold the skin and the bottom bar – no unsightly gaps, hooks or ropes. Easily transform your outdoor areas into a cozy and secluded living spaces – you’ll want to stay outside more than you imagine! If you’re looking to install genuine Ziptrak blinds in Auckland, Hamilton or Tauranga – you’ve found the right place – get in touch with SunGuard to get a free quote.

We now have a new tool provided by Ziptrak Australia that enables you to visualise how your new Ziptrak screen will look like depending on its size, additional options used (flashing, pelmet), type of material (clear PVC or mesh) – you can use it here:

Ziptrak blinds features

Ziptrak outdoor screens are supplied with easy to use bottom locks, ensuring that your external drop-down screen will stay down when it needs to. You can easily release it with a sturdy plastic centre lock release lever. Moreover, should you wish to have complete weather protection – we can fit your Ziptrak outdoor blinds with a protective pelmet or a partial flashing. Not only this patio blinds system looks great, but also completely covers the gap above the roller tube with the canvas, offering a 99% coverage. Ziptrak screens are really versatile providing UV, sun, rain and wind protection during every NZ season. You can create an additional room in your house, by simply having our genuine Ziptrak patio blinds installed. Add value to your property and enjoy extended living areas! All these small notes create an outdoor screens system that really redefines the enjoyment of spending time outdoors.

Ziptrak blinds pelmets
Ziptrak screens options: standard, top flashing and full pelmet

Ziptrak® blinds have several benefits, including:

Easy to operate: Ziptrak® blinds are easy to operate, and they require minimal effort to open and close. The blinds use a patented track-guided system, which makes them easy to use and operate.

Protection from the elements: Ziptrak® blinds provide protection from the elements, including wind, rain, and harsh sunlight. They can create a comfortable and protected outdoor area, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

Energy efficiency: Ziptrak® blinds can help to keep your home or outdoor space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They can provide a layer of insulation, reducing the need for heating and cooling appliances, and helping to reduce energy bills.

Privacy: Ziptrak® blinds can provide privacy, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about prying eyes.

UV protection: Ziptrak® blinds are designed to provide UV protection, helping to prevent fading and damage to your furniture and belongings.

Aesthetically pleasing: Ziptrak® blinds are available in a range of colors and materials, making them a versatile addition to any outdoor space. They can be customized to match your decor and style, adding to the overall aesthetic of your home or outdoor area.

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We only use genuine Australian manufactured components for our Ziptrak screens manufactured in Auckland – combined with our careful and attentive manufacturing processes that means that you’ll benefit from the highest quality and top notch looking exterior blinds. The system comes in either 5 standard colours – Paperbark, Classic Cream, Woodland Grey, White, Black or can be easily powder coated to any of the Dulux colours range. More details on custom powder coating here (pdf)

Our Ziptrak outdoor blinds are manufactured in Auckland and are a perfect way to create additional outdoor living space – weatherproof and easy to operate – these are hard to beat. Each patio blind system is custom measured, made and installed to your exact requirements. Snap a deal for these beauties – choose from a wide range of fabrics and materials for canvas. Often used for cafe/restaurant patios.

Ziptrak standard colours
Standard powder coating colours

See how easy Ziptrak blinds are operated compared to other systems:

Why Ziptrak® Spring Balanced? Crank vs Spring | Outdoor Blinds

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Mesh fabric patio screens in Warkworth
Mesh fabric patio screens in Warkworth

Ziptrak blinds technical specifications

Ziptrak screen with side channels
Ziptrak screen with side channels
Easy sliding bottom rail
Easy sliding bottom rail
Ziptrak protective pelmet
Ziptrak protective pelmet



MIN – 650 x 500 mm

MAX PVC – 5500 x 3500 mm

MAX Mesh – 6000 x 3500 mm


manual (crank) or automated (remote/wall switch) – Mesh fabric only


Docril (acrylic canvas) – 132 colours

Shadeview Mesh – 25 colours

PVC – 0.75 mm clear or tinted


Customised to Dulux powder-coat range


Reverse handle

Face fix

Pull stick


135 mm small pelmet – drops up to 2400 (depending on the material used)

165 mm large pelmet – drops up to 3500 (depending on the material used)

135 mm flashing (only covers one side of the screen)


Why choose our Ziptrak outdoor blinds?

We offer some of the best prices on the market!

Great lead time – from 10 working days

Hand-operated and motorised options

High-quality PVC and mesh fabrics

Child safe – no cords or chains

What are Ziptrak® outdoor screens?

Ziptrak® is a patented outdoor track guided blind system. It fixes securely the blind fabric within the wall mounted vertical tracks. This is an important advantage, as no gaps on either side of the blind means excellent airflow control. This will also prevent dust, dirt and insects from entering.

How to operate Ziptrak® outdoor blinds?

Ziptrak® operation is an absolute doddle. There are no unsightly cords, ropes or latches. Special slotted tracks of Ziptrak® system allow the blind to glide smoothly and easily, stopping at any position. The blind can be secured and locked in the down position to guard against high winds and UV – no zippers or buckles required, it’s that simple. Simply use a bar at the bottom to pull it up and down manually, or get your Ziptrak® blind motorised. If you go for a latter option, choose between a wall switch or remote control.

Somfy wall switch Somfy remote

Spring balanced system of a non-motorised blind allows to reduce its weight substantially. Thanks to this technological solution, you can lower or retract your Ziptrak® with a touch of a finger.

What fabrics can I choose for Ziptrak® blinds in New Zealand?

We offer three distinctive fabric choices for our outdoor blinds.

You can start with choosing our premium quality clear or tinted PVC sourced from one of Japan’s leading manufacturers. Stains and mildew protected, this beautiful PVC will preserve your view and protect from wind and UV. We can also offer non-transparent PVC100 options where privacy is paramount.

Second option is Shadeview or Serge Ferrari mesh fabric that cleverly diffuses light, lends a pared-back finish and optimises views. Available in different weave options with more than 50 colours across the range. It has a high-shade factor, blocking up to 97 percent of the sun’s rays, reducing the temperature inside your home, and decreasing your energy costs. It also provides a high degree of privacy during the day. Furthermore, our mesh fabrics range allow airflow and are really easy to clean and maintain, offering a years long hassle-free service.

Thirdly, we can use Docril Acrylic Fabrics for our Ziptrak Screens. It is a Spanish company with a long textile tradition that started back in 1875. All Docril sun protection fabrics are produced in Barcelona (Spain).

Ziptrak fabrics comparison




Clear PVC

Clear PVC

Clear PVC

Clear PVC

Mesh fabric - Shadeview/Serge Ferrari

Mesh fabric - Shadeview/Serge Ferrari

Mesh fabric - Shadeview/Serge Ferrari

Mesh fabric - Shadeview/Serge Ferrari

Can I buy motorised Ziptrak® blinds in Auckland?

Yes. motorised Ziptrak® is a popular and convenient option for many Kiwis. It’s a choice if the blind is mounted in a difficult to reach place or you just don’t feel like operating it manually regularly. We use a 240V/AC tubular motor with an obstacle detection feature. If you’re looking at installing many Ziptrak® blinds in your commercial property like café or restaurant, motorisation will make the operation much easier.

Strong wind can hold the material of a Ziptrak® blind preventing it from sliding down the tracks, therefore, we recommend that motorised Ziptrak® blinds will be supervised by the operator while they are moving.

What is a Ziptrak removable post kit?

Ziptrak blinds can be fitted using a removable post kit. This allow installation of Ziptrak blinds in areas where there are no 2 poles/walls available for tracks installation. This also allows to install two blinds ‘butted’ against each other with a removable post between them to offer unobstructed view/passage when the blinds are not required.

Removable pole is easily removed/fitted with the help of a spring-assisted locked on the ground level. It is made using 50×50 powder coated aluminium square bar. Removable post can be used both for inside/outside installations.

Ziptrak screen with removable post
Ziptrak screen with removable post in Freeman's Bay
Ziptrak removable post floor plate
Ziptrak removable post floor plate

Can Ziptrak blinds be installed under angled roof?

Ziptrak drop down screens can be installed in reveals under raked/angled roofs with no problem. However as all outdoor patio blinds have to be installed at a horizontal level, resulting in a triangular gap above the blind. Depending on the size of the gap, we can offer to fit a permanent infill/panel above the blind to close the gap and ensure that the blinds provide full water/wind protection.

These are relatively easy to install and have a great clean look. Using a system of awning tracks, these infills can be fitted to any surface, both timber and metal.

Permanent infill above Ziptrak blinds
Serge Ferrari mesh fabric infill above Ziptrak blinds

Start creating the outdoor area you’ve always dreamed about by sheltering it with our genuine Ziptrak blinds

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What is a pelmet? Do all Ziptrak® outdoor blinds have a pelmet?

A pelmet is an optional extra. It is an aluminium or steel framework mounted over the top tube of the blind to conceal and protect the blind material and internal components. Pelmets are highly recommended if the blinds are installed in an unprotected location. We offer 135 and 175 mm pelmets in a range of standard colours or we can customise the colour to your specifications.

Back flashing is another way to protect your Ziptrak® blind and give it a clean and sleek look. It is a back cover that protects the fabric from weather and dust, closes the gap between the blind fabric and the top of the reveal.

Ziptrak protective pelmet
Ziptrak protective pelmet

What accessories are available for Ziptrak® blinds?

Skirt/valance – If the ground slopes or you want increased weather/dust resistance, choose a bottom skirt/valance to cover the gap when the blind is locked down.

Centre lock release – For doorways and areas where access is required from both sides of the Ziptrak® system, a reverse handle is available as an addition to the centre lock release.

Pull down hook – For blinds that are too high to reach by hand, a pull down hook is available. These can also be used to lift and unlock the blind from the locked position in one easy action.

Ziptrak reverse handle
Ziptrak reverse handle

Ziptrak® Maintenance Tips

Operating your Ziptrak outdoor blinds

If your Ziptrak® outdoor blind is spring-balanced (hand-operated), always operate it from the centre, so that the fabric/mesh/pvc blind rolls evenly. If you operate from one side, the bottom bar won’t be level.

– If your Ziptrak® blind is motorised, always supervise it when in motion. Don’t retract the blinds or pull them down in high winds, since the wind pressure may obstruct motor operation.

– During stiff winds Ziptrak® outdoor blinds should be either locked down at the bottom or fully retracted onto the top tube. Keep your blinds fully retracted during storms, cyclones, and other extreme weather events.

– If it’s windy, slightly push against the blind material to reduce the pressure and then operate your Ziptrak®.

– When the blinds are wet or have condensation on the surface, don’t roll them up, as the moisture in rolled up position may cause mold to form.

– As a rule, Ziptrak® blinds do not need aftercare for smooth operation. However, if your blinds are installed in a dusty environment, you may wish to apply some lubricant to the product. This would ensure smooth track-guided operation. Use a food grade silicone spray such as Helmar H4000.

Never use any oil based lubricants such as WD40, they will only damage the product and clog the dust inside the track.

Cleaning your Ziptrak outdoor screens

– It’s essential to keep your sunscreen mesh or PVC blinds clean.

– Use a soft cloth and soapy cold water. Leave the blinds to dry before rolling up.

– Don’t use any full strength detergents, cleaning soaps, insecticides and other chemical substances on the blind. Don’t use bore water or allow bore water sprinkler systems to hit the material. Avoid using a high pressure hose.

– Don’t allow dirt, stains and bird droppings stay on the blind material.

– Please take extra care when cleaning PVC material as it is more gentle than fabric and shows scratches and marks readily. For the best results, dry your PVC blinds with a clean and soft cloth.


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