Vertical blinds

Blockout vertical blinds Auckland

Vertical Blinds

Blockout & light filtering fabrics

89/100/127 mm slats

Quality components

Can be fitted on bay & corner windows

Ideal for ranch sliders and sloping windows

Great for commercial use

Advantages of Custom-Made Vertical Blinds for Your Home & Business

When it comes to controlling sunlight and adding a touch of elegance to your windows, custom-made vertical blinds are an excellent choice. At SunGuard, based in Auckland, New Zealand, we specialize in creating high-quality vertical blinds that offer a range of advantages for both commercial and residential projects. Whether you have sloped windows, bay windows, or ranch sliders, our custom vertical blinds are designed to meet your specific needs.

Effective Sun Control with Blockout Fabrics

To ensure best sunlight control, we generally use blockout fabrics for our vertical blinds. With the ability to rotate the blades 180 degrees, you have complete control over the amount of light that enters your space. Whether you want to enjoy a bright and sunny ambiance or create a private and shaded atmosphere, our vertical blinds provide the versatility you need.

Our Fabric Bestsellers – Dawn (Uniline) & Vibe (Shaw)

Enjoy complete darkness and privacy with Vibe’s and Dawn’s exceptional 100% blackout capability. Whether you choose vertical or roller blinds, this fabric guarantees excellent light control, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in any room. Both Vibe & Dawn fabrics feature a PVC-free acrylic coating that not only provides excellent blackout properties but also offers a range of additional benefits. This coating ensures anti-fade protection, preserving the fabric’s vibrant colours over time. It also makes cleaning effortless and provides antifungal properties, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. Our blockout vertical blinds fabrics are designed with durability in mind. They are covered by a 5-year warranty and their easy-to-clean nature simplifies maintenance, saving you time and effort in keeping your blinds looking their best.

Wide Range of Control and Stacking Options

We understand that every space is unique, which is why our custom vertical blinds offer a wide range of control and stacking options. Depending on your preference and requirements, you can choose from the following:

  • Cord and Chain Operation

The cord is used for pulling or stacking the blades to the sides of the head rail, while the chain is used for rotating the fabric blades.

  • Wand Operation

The wand allows you to both pull and rotate the blades effortlessly, providing convenience and ease of use.

Flexible Stacking Positions

Our vertical blinds offer various stacking options to suit your specific window configuration and design preferences. Choose from the following stacking positions:

Vertical blinds control options
Vertical blinds control options

Tailored Installation Options

At SunGuard, we ensure that our custom vertical blinds can be seamlessly installed in any space. Whether you prefer an inside or outside reveal installation, our blinds are designed to fit perfectly and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your windows.

Universal Track Colours

To complement your interior design, our vertical blinds come with track options in a range of popular colours. Choose from Grey, Satin Black, White, or White Birch tracks, allowing you to achieve a cohesive and visually appealing look for your space.

Versatile Applications

Vertical blinds are a perfect fit for both commercial and residential projects. Whether you have large windows that require efficient light control or ranch sliders that need the flexibility of stacking, our custom-made blinds offer a practical solution. Additionally, we can manufacture vertical blinds for raked windows, making them the only blinds suitable for this window type when installed at an angle.

Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds

Choose Vertical Blinds from SunGuard

When it comes to enhancing your space with superior light control and elegant window treatments, SunGuard’s custom-made vertical blinds are the ideal choice. Our blinds offer versatility, functionality, and a wide range of options to meet your specific needs. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we ensure that your vertical blinds are tailored to perfection, creating a stylish and comfortable environment for your home or business.

To explore our range of custom vertical blinds and learn more about how they can transform your space, contact SunGuard today. Trust us to provide you with exceptional window solutions that combine functionality, style, and durability.

Why choose our vertical shades?

Great factory-direct prices!

Fantastic lead time – from 7 working days!

Wide range of control/stacking options

Excellent quality & durability: 5 years warranty on all fabrics!

89/100/127 mm blades

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Introducing Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds: Elevate Your Interior Style

At SunGuard, we are proud to offer Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds as part of our extensive range of window treatment solutions. These blinds provide a captivating graphic element to your interior decor, creating a sense of height and enhancing the feeling of light and space in your feature rooms.

Seamless Design and Versatility

Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds are available in two operating system options, ensuring seamless color co-ordination with your existing decor. The slim and elegant headrail and other visible components blend effortlessly into your space, providing a clean and modern look.

Unparalleled Functionality

Enjoy smooth and easy operation with Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds, even for large blinds. The clutch mechanism allows for precise control over the slats, ensuring optimal light and privacy control. The narrow blade travellers are drawn against the end cap when the blind is opened, minimizing the blade stack and maximizing your views.

Perfect Solution for Angled and Sloped Windows

Vertical blinds are renowned for their ability to hang straight, making them an ideal choice for angled and curved glass. Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds, with their extruded aluminium alloy section and sloped top/bottom design, provide the perfect solution for windows with unique shapes and slopes.

Vertical blinds in a living area
Vertical blinds in a living area

Customize Your Light and Privacy Control

With Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds, you have complete control over the amount of light and privacy you desire. Adjust the blades to achieve the perfect balance and enjoy 200° closure for near blackout during nighttime.

Wide Range of Fabric Options

To cater to your specific needs and preferences, we offer a wide selection of Luxaflex® vertical blind fabrics. Choose from blockout fabrics for maximum darkness and privacy in bedrooms and living areas, available in monochromatic shades and contemporary textures. Alternatively, opt for translucent fabrics that provide both light and privacy simultaneously, with a range of opacities, colours, and textures to choose from.

Versatile Bottom Weight Options

To add the finishing touch to your Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds, you have three bottom weight options to choose from. Select traditional finishing with weights and chains, or go for the chainless option with either welded weights or fully sewn-in weights for a clean and streamlined look.

Elevate Your Space with Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds

Experience the exceptional style and functionality of Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds. At SunGuard, we offer a comprehensive range of Luxaflex® products to cater to your unique needs and elevate your interior decor. Contact us today to explore our vertical blind options and transform your space with Luxaflex® excellence.

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Blockout vertical blinds in Glenfield
Blockout vertical blinds in Glenfield
Raked vertical binds in Penrose
Raked vertical binds in Penrose
Blockout vertical blinds
Blockout vertical blinds in Glen Eden
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