PVC Indoor Shutters

PVC shutters

PVC Indoor Shutters

VOC Free / don’t emit volatile organic compounds

Suitable for moist/humid areas

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

10 Year Finished Product Warranty

Available in 13 colours

Blade Sizes: 63mm, 89mm and 114mm

Clearview, offset tilt rod and centre tilt rod options

Bi-fold, sliding and hinged options available

PVC Indoor Shutters benefits

Our high quality plantation shutters are a step further in the world of interior shutters. Extruded from premium class PVC – these indoor shutters are completely safe and reliable. They are manufactured adhering to the latest safety regulations, ensuring the long lasting healthy use of the shutter panels. All of that results in shutters which do not omit volatile organic compounds (VOC) or harmful emissions. This means our interior PVC shutters are applicable in high-temperature climates.

Our indoor PVC shutters come with a 10 Year warranty on the finished product – this is simply amazing! Both the panels and the frames are reinforced with aluminium – making our shutters much sturdier and reliable than the majority of the shutters available on the market.

We can offer you a wide array of operating systems for your indoor shutters – fixed in a U-channel, hinged inside the frame, bi-folding and even sliding on a track. We also stock 2-channel track system, allowing to operate the shutters with even further versatility.

These fabulous shutters are unaffected by water or moisture, meaning these can be used in humid areas of your Auckland home, such as bathrooms and kitchens without you having to worry that they will warp one day.

PVC shutters are available in 13 distinct colours. This will ensure that our team will be able to find a colour that you will fall in love with.

PVC shutters colours
PVC shutters colours
PVC shutters in Muriwai
PVC shutters in Muriwai
PVC indoor shutters
PVC indoor shutters
PVC shutters in Muriwai
PVC shutters in Muriwai



Co-extruded Poly Vinyl Chloride


NC Lacquer – Top Coated


63*11.00 mm – Aerofoil Blade

89*11.00 mm – Aerofoil Blade

114*11.00 mm – Aerofoil Blade

COLOURS (all painted)

99 – Arch White

100 – Uniwhite

101 – White

102 – Silk White

105 – Snow

106 – Egg Shell

108 – Swiss Coffee

110 – Creamy

113 – Ivory

118 – Sand

122 – Sahara

130 – Antique

134 – Mushroom


Width – 50.8 mm

Thickness – 27 mm


Width: 82.55 mm

Thickness – 19 mm


Centre with stainless steel staples

Side/rear with aluminium bar

Off set with stainless steel staples

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What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of the PVC shutters?

The minimum width of an indoor PVC shutter panel is 250 mm for central controls and 225 mm for Clearview control. The maximum width depends on the control style, blade width and the height of the panel, ranging from 650 to 800 mm.

The minimum height of a PVC panel is generally 380 mm. The maximum height of a panel is 2400 mm for hinged bi-fold with track and 3000 mm for the rest of the systems.

Can you hinge the panels together?

Yes, but this system is not recommended for use with big size panels. We can only hinge 2 panels together, with the maximum height of 1500 mm.

What blade options are available?

We currently have 3 Aerofoil blade options: 63, 89 and 114 mm. All are available in either centre control, clearview or off-set control. Please note that all blade sizes have minimum blade depth clearances – to ensure all blades have enough space to rotate.

Front of panel to back of tiltrod:

63 mm blade – 54 mm depth

89 mm blade – 66 mm depth

114 mm blade – 79 mm depth

What frame options are available?

There is a variety of standard PVC shutter framing available to order with your shutters. They range between L-frames and Z-frames with different dimensions to ensure the best possible operation of your shutters. We also have a range of T-posts and additional profiles to help work with non-standard windows/frames. There is also a range of optional timber frames available to use with your PVC plantation shutters.

Are there more options available?

There is a great range of additional options. We can manufacture panels with angles and rakes, fit the shutters in bay windows, apply them for corner windows etc. We also have a range of sliding track options with 1 or 2 sliding tracks, bi-folding shutters on a track etc. Enquire today!

What shutters type is right for me?

PVC shutters

Most affordable option

13 standard blade colours

Suitable for humid areas

63/89/115 mm blades

Timber shutters

Light weight and classic

7 Wood grain finishes

13 standard paint colours

63/89/115 mm blades

Aluminium shutters

Fully powder coated

High quality aluminium blades

Security features

Australian made shutters

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NZ manufactured sunshade
NZ wide delivery
NZ made components
Competitive prices
Fast delivery awnings
NZ made fabrics

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