Roller blinds – blockout, light-filtering & sunscreen

Roller blinds NZ
Roller blinds NZ

Roller Blinds

Easy to operate sunshades

Great range of fabrics: blockout, sunscreen, light filtering

Up to 3.0 m wide

Up to 4.0 m drop

High quality Australian made components

Manual and automatic – wireless and hard-wired

Lead time – 7-10 working days (depending on the fabric stock)

Excellent quality & durability: 5-10 years warranty on fabrics!

Control your rollershades from your phone

Manufactured in NZ

Roller Blinds benefits

Roller blinds from SunGuard are a real bang for your buck – great selection of fabrics accompanied by top notch components from some of the best suppliers on the market – what can make it better?

Only the most reasonable prices from SunGuard – because we believe that the top quality has to be affordable! We use Acmeda (Australia) made components to manufacture all of our blinds at our facility in Auckland’s North Shore. This allows us to swiftly deliver and install blinds all across Auckland as well as ship the blinds to any location in New Zealand.

We offer one of the best ranges of blinds on the market – we work with the most popular fabric suppliers and manufacturers, including Shaw, Shann, GAT, Uniline, Vertex and even Louvolite (UK). We have a huge selection of locally stocked fabrics, that allows us to have industry-leading time from order to delivery of 7-10 working days (depending on the fabric stock)!

Our company also is an accredited distributor of Luxaflex products – meaning we offer a full range of Luxaflex blinds!

Please note that some fabrics are not stocked and have to be ordered, just check with our friendly team before ordering!

Our company offers the following blinds options for you: blockout rollershades, sunscreen blinds, thermal roll blinds and extremely popular double blinds that offer an unrivaled experience – combining two separate roller shades on one window!

Blockout blinds (some call them blackout roller blinds – it is the same thing) are probably the most popular roll shades on the market – providing you with 100% privacy and offering great heat/sunlight reduction – these roll up shades will definitely be your favourites in the bedrooms or tv rooms.

Sunscreen blinds (see-through roller blinds) are a bit different – they provide great daytime privacy, while allowing to see what’s happening on the outside. These are really great for the areas where you still want to be able to see outside. They are very useful for the areas with TVs, computers or any other screens, as they cut the glare drastically. Please note, that these blinds can’t guarantee privacy at night, due to the fabrics specifications. The fabrics used for these blinds have a parameter called openness factor – showing how much light they let through. It generally ranges between 2% and 10% – with 10% letting more light through than the 2% options.

Light filtering blinds (translucent rollershades) are somewhere in between the two previous types of blinds – they are translucent, meaning they let some sunlight through, while they are not see-through. These blinds provide you with privacy and offer some of the best looking fabrics with a range of textured options.

Thermal blinds are similar to the blockout blinds, but are more efficient in terms of insulation, as the fabrics used are thicker and have an additional layer providing enhanced thermal regulation. There are really good for the windows exposed to strong sun and will definitely help with thermoregulation inside your house.

Double blinds are basically a combination of two separate roller blinds using a special double bracket. That allows to use less space as well as make less holes when installing the blind. You can have any kinds of fabrics combined, but the most popular ones are blockout+sunscreen and light-filtering+sunscreen.

We also offer a really wide range of control options for your blinds:

First and foremost – the most popular and affordable option – manual control sidewinders with a plastic or metal (nickel plated or stainless steel) chain.

These are very easy to use thanks to the industry leading technologies Acmeda components offer. Manual control  blinds can be fitted with spring helpers depending on their size – these make it so much easier to lift the blinds and prevent the damage to the chain over time.

Alternatively, we offer a huge range of automation options. These include tubular motors from such well known brands as Somfy (France), Acmeda (Australia) and Alpha (Australia). These major brands have decades of experience and expertise in roller blinds automation and offer a great variety of options.

Ranging from battery powered rechargeable motors that only need charging every 6-12 months to hard wired motors that run off your mains power. All automation brands offer a number of control options that include hand held remotes (multi channel options available), wall mounted wireless remotes and hard wired wall swiches. All of the above can be integrated into the very popular smart home systems using proprietary Wi-Fi Hub modules that allow to schedule opening/closing of the blinds at a certain time and also gives you the ability to control the blinds using an app on your cell phone.

In terms of the finishing touches, we have a wide range of options to consider as well.

Bottom rails (aluminium rods that are fitted to the bottom of the fabric) come in a variety of shapes and colours. We stock round, oval, square and rectangular aluminium bottom rails, that come in silver anodised, white, cream, black, grey and silver pearl finishes. We also offer D30 silent bottom rails that can be fitted with additional brushes/bumpers that minimize the noise the bottom rail can produce when the blind is down.

Control chains come in a range of colours too – white, grey, cream, black and metal (both nickel plated and stainless steel for the coastal areas).

We can use both the standard square shape and the newly introduced slimline double brackets. The preference here is completely subjective to your particular situation and the windows layout.

Finally, we offer two cassette/track options to increase the level of privacy/sunshade of your roller blinds:

Acmeda CF90 cassette/tracks upgrade to all of our blinds (except for the double roller option) – locally manufactured upgrade to the blinds – tracks and pelmet create a dim-out effect bringing approximately 80-90% blockout to the window.

Ziptrak interior blinds – spring operated full blockout option manufactured in Australia.

Screenaway spring controlled blockout blinds – come with a full pelmet/tracks set up and spring operated – creates a 100% blockout effect. Can also be used as an insect screen if mesh/sunscreen fabric is used.

We measure and install our blinds in all of Auckland suburbs and regions, including (but not limited to) North Shore, Albany, Browns Bay, Campbells Bay, Castor Bay, Glenfield, Long Bay, Milford, Takapuna, Torbay, Hibiscus Coast, Gulf Harbour, Manly, Silverdale, Whangaparaoa, Auckland Central, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Mission Bay, Parnell, , Ponsonby, Remuera, St Heliers, Mt Eden.

Check out our Google reviews page to see how satisfied our clients are!

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Our Roller Shades range:

Blockout Roller Blinds Auckland

Blackout roller blinds are the most popular roller blinds in our range – providing great privacy and heat reduction.

Roller blinds in Castor Bay

Perfect for cutting glare and daytime privacy, while enjoying the unobstructed views.

Blackout roller blinds

Enhanced thermal regulation due to increased thickness and additional fabric layers. Great for keeping the warmth in during winter months.

Double roller blinds Auckland

Double rollershades are an ultimate indoor sunshade solution – combining the best fabrics and components, they provide you with the most versatility.

Roller blinds in Auckland

Light filtering roller blinds are perfect for areas where you don’t require full blockout, while providing full privacy throughout the day. Great looking fabrics with nice patterns.

What rollershades are right for me?

Blockout roller blinds Auckland

100% privacy and blockout

Standard plain colours

Affordable blinds

Great for bedrooms

Sunscreen roller blinds Auckland

See-through fabrics

Daytime privacy

Unobstructed views

Great for offices

Double roller blinds Auckland

Blockout + sunscreen fabrics

Vast range of options

Great variety of applications

Great for lounges

Automated roller blinds in Castor Bay

Why choose our rollershades?

Great factory-direct prices!

Fantastic lead time7-10 working days!

Australian made components – Acmeda

Excellent quality & durability: 5-10 years warranty on fabrics!

Manual and automated

Start enhancing your house and transform it in a cozy home

Get a free no-obligation in-home measurement & quote from our sunshade experts

Worth 150$ – free of charge 

Friendly team of experts ready to help and give professional advice

At your preferred date and time 

No hidden costs

Careful attention to details

    Roller blinds NZ – technical characteristics and features:

    What fabrics are used in roller blinds manufacturing?

    Our company is committed to using only the best available fabrics from the industry leading suppliers. We engage with the following fabric manufacturers that are truly world-known and are very reputable: Shaw, Shann, Uniline, Vertex, GAT (all Australian) and Louvolite (UK). Great range of roller blinds fabrics ensures that we can always find a suitable colour or texture. We can also offer Luxaflex range of roller shades.

    What components are used in rollershades manufacturing?

    We only use high quality roller blind components from trusted suppliers – Uniline and Acmeda. We know how important the quality of the rollershades is and we are committed to providing the best possible product at reasonable prices. 

    What areas are your roller blinds suitable for?

    Regardless of the area you’re looking at getting the roller blinds installed at – our roller blinds are great in any location of your house or office – bedrooms, lounges, kids rooms, TV/computer rooms, home offices, etc. If you’re looking at ordering quality roller blinds at factory prices – look no further.

    What are the maximum dimensions of a roller blind?

    The maximum size of a single roller blind depends on the components we use. Generally speaking, the maximum size of a rollershade is 3×3 meters – however that also depends on the roller blinds fabric that is used as it affects the overall diameter of the blind.

    We can use heavy-duty components to manufacture bigger blinds on request – using 60 mm tube we can make rollershades up to 4.6 m wide – that is quite a span. Enquire today to get a free quote!

    Want to find out more about our rollershades range?

    Fill out a form using the button to the right and we will email you a brochure about our roller blinds.

    How do roller blinds work?

    The vast majority of roller blinds are manually controlled. The most popular control system is a plastic or a metal chain. We can also use stainless steel control chains in coastal areas. Another option is to have your roller blinds motorised – these can be both hard-wired and wireless. Control units range from hand held remotes to wall switches.

    How long does it take from roller blinds order to installation?

    It can generally take about two weeks, however the majority of our roller blinds orders are completed within 10 days and some can be even done within a week – depending on the fabric selection you make.

    What colours are the roller blinds components available in?

    Our roller blinds components are available in a range of different colours – white, warm white (off white), grey and black. Bottom rails vary in colour as well – our most popular bottom rail is silver pearl. White, off white, black bottom rails are available as well.

    Motorised roller blinds in Auckland

    Automated or motorised roller blinds are a way to go for hard to reach areas or simply when you’d like to have them automated – forget about having to call the electrician though – our roller blinds motors are very modern and do not require wiring – they all are rechargeable and can be easily charged using a cell phone charger like device. It generally takes 3-6 months till you need to charge the motor – making automatic roller blinds a perfect fit when you’ve had enough workout at the gym. Our range includes the following automation options from the leading supplier: Alpha, Acmeda and Somfy. All of these brands have a great variety of motors and controllers available. These include hard wired and wireless motors of different power output. Alpha, Acmeda and Somfy automation packages can be paired with Wi-Fi hubs allowing to operate the blinds from your cell phone and also schedule the opening/closing of the blinds to a specific time.

    How to clean roller blinds?

    The majority of the rollershades can be easily cleaned – just wipe the fabric with a wet cloth and that’s it! If there is a bit of grime or dirt – you can apply some mild detergent similar to soap or dish washing liquid. Please note that the roller blinds fabric can’t be washed in a washing machine – this will definitely harm the fabric.

    Available roller blinds systems
    Available roller blinds systems

    Can a roller blind be split in two? What would the gap be?

    The components we use are highly sophisticated – we even have a special component called the inline joiner – that allows us to split a frame in two separate roller blinds and bring the gap between the fabrics down to 15 mm – these joiners can be either driven or non-driven – meaning you can either control both blinds with one control unit or have them operated separately.

    How difficult is it to install the roller blinds?

    Roller blinds are really easy to install – they fit perfectly in almost any type of frames or windows. They can also be installed using a so-called outside fit – that will minimize the light coming from the window by closing the gaps between the edge of the fabric and the frame.

    Can I order roller blinds online?

    Our roller blinds can be ordered online, just send us an email with all the dimensions and we will get in touch with you to confirm all the required details. Another option is to buy roller blinds after a site visit – we can arrange a free of charge quote at your place in Auckland, Coromandel, Mangawhai, Tauranga and Warkworth – at your preferred time.

    Do you offer commercial blinds?

    Our roller blinds are of very high quality and can be installed in any premises – both residential and commercial. Call us today to get a free of charge quote!

    Sun screen roller blinds
    Sunscreen roller blinds in Paerata
    Roller blinds motor
    Roller blinds motorisation
    Roller blinds advantages
    Roller blinds advantages

    What warranties do your rollershades have?

    Our custom made roller blinds come with a comprehensive warranty. Thanks to our high quality components, our roller blinds come with a 5 year warranty on the workmanship and 5-10 years warranty on the fabrics. Regardless of where you want your roller blinds installed – bedroom, bathroom, office, lounge, home office, kitchen – our roller blinds will serve you for a long time. Our professional team will ensure the best possible outcome as we always try our best to meet your requirements.

    Honeycomb blinds

    Sophisticated and technologically advanced – these are our honeycomb blinds. Blockout or translucent – these blinds will hugely improve the thermal regulation inside your house.

    Provence Timber Shutters in Parnell

    Sturdy and reliable – our PVC indoor shutters are suitable for all areas in your home, but especially for humid areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

    Riviera AL PVC shutters in Devonport

    SunGuard timber shutters look and feel superb: they’re stylish and smooth. They are very practical too, boasting their remarkable durability.

    The timber through its individual charm and style gives the shutters the unique, elegant character.


    NZ manufactured sunshade
    NZ wide delivery
    NZ made components
    Competitive prices
    Fast delivery awnings
    NZ made fabrics

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