Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Light filtering roller blinds Auckland

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Gentle natural light & privacy protection

Shielding furniture from harmful UV rays and heat

PVC and lead-free fabric composition

Outstanding durability and quality

Manual & automated blinds

Inside/outside fit

Discover the Perfect Blend of Functionality and Style with SunGuard’s Light-Filtering Roller Blinds

SunGuard’s light-filtering roller blinds offer a true balance, combining the best features of popular roller shades to create a versatile and efficient window treatment solution. These blinds strike the perfect harmony between privacy and translucence, allowing natural sunlight to fill your home, office, or any other residential and commercial spaces with warmth and light. Light filtering roller blinds are ideal for lounges, kitchens, and other communal areas where a certain level of privacy and shade is desired, without the need for complete blockout.

When it comes to manufacturing roller blinds, we prioritize using only the highest quality components from trusted suppliers such as Acmeda. This ensures the durability and longevity of our blinds, giving you peace of mind that your investment will stand up to your demands.

Our range of light-filtering roller blinds features fabrics with attractive textures and a wide array of colours, some boasting a textile touch, adding a homely and cozy accent to your living or working environment. At SunGuard, we proudly provide top-quality fabrics sourced from renowned and reputable brands such as Shaw, Vertex, GAT Agencies, Uniline, Luxaflex, and more. Our fabrics are carefully selected to ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance with New Zealand and international regulations. With certifications like Greenguard Gold, you can trust that our fabrics are PVC and lead free, prioritizing the well-being of you and your loved ones. Whether you’re looking to enhance the ambiance of a lounge, create a productive atmosphere in an office, or foster an engaging learning environment in a school, our light-filtering roller blinds are the perfect choice.

These four sensational light-filtering roller blind fabric collections have been a hit with our customers this year, combining exceptional quality with breathtaking beauty:

  • Jersey (GAT Agencies): Inspired by traditional textile design methods, Jersey is a collection of delicately woven fabrics. Its intricate yarns create a simple yet sophisticated look that seamlessly blends with a wide range of interior styles. With a versatile colour palette, Jersey complements various decors, adding an elegant touch to any room.
  • Le Reve (Shaw): Adding an element of elegance, Le Reve is a part of the Shaw at Home fabric collection. This fabric features a captivating texture, perfect for wider windows. Its contemporary colour range enhances the modern appeal of your space, providing a stylish and refined ambiance.
  • Vintage (Vertex): With a linen effect, Vintage offers a timeless and classic aesthetic. Available in seven calm and soothing colours, this fabric effortlessly complements any interior. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary setting, Vintage adds a touch of sophistication and charm to your windows.
  • Belice (Uniline): this contemporary fabric collection showcases a sophisticated design with a beautiful colour palette. Its textured emphasis adds a touch of luxury and enhances the visual appeal of any space. Belice’s light-filtering fabrics feature soft tonal hues that effortlessly complement diverse home designs, making it an ideal choice for stylish interiors.
Light filtering roller blinds

Have a look at some of our best selling LF roller blinds fabrics:

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To further personalize your light-filtering roller blinds, we offer a range of finishing options. Select the colour of the components, type and shape of the bottom rail. We offer five different colours of control chain as well as the option of stainless steel for high-humidity areas.

Experience the perfect combination of style, functionality, and customization with SunGuard’s light-filtering roller blinds. Contact us today for a free measure and quote in Auckland or order your blinds online and take advantage of our convenient NZ wide delivery.

Upgrade your living or working space with the beauty and versatility of our premium blinds and enjoy the benefits they bring to your home or commercial setting.

Light Filtering Roller Blinds Flat Bush
Light Filtering Roller Blinds Flat Bush
Light Filtering Roller Blinds
Light Filtering Roller Blinds
Double roller blinds
Double roller blinds

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