Cafe Screen

Cafe Screens North Shore

Café Outdoor Screens

Free hanging/guide wire/side channel options

Up to 4.5 m wide

Up to 3.0 m drop

Achilles (Japan) clear PVC

Shadeview and Serge Ferrari Mesh fabric

Crank handle operated

Can be automated

Cast flashing/full pelmet options available

Cafe (Omni) Blinds features

Café Drop Down Screen, also known as Omni Screen, is an easy to install and a reliable deck screen system. This outdoor patio screen combines style and practicality. Fantastic in its simplicity, Cafe patio blinds offer you a variety of applications and options to choose from, depending on your deck features. Ranging from free-hanging blinds with bottom locks to guide wires and even open type side tracks now (see below). It is available for order in the following regions – Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

Omni screen

Also known as Cafe blinds or just outdoor blinds – these durable outdoor screens have a variety of fabrics and materials to choose from: clear and tinted PVC, fire retardant PVC, non-transparent PVC, mesh fabrics from Shadeview and Serge Ferrari. The operation of these outside shades can be both manual (crank operated) and automated (either remote or a hard-wired wall switch). If you are on the market to buy outdoor blinds, we would definitely recommend considering our patio screens – being both affordable and easy to install, they just might be an ideal fit for your new outdoor living area.

cafe screen fabrics

Cafe (Omni) Screens can be easily automated – check out one of our projects:

Automated clear PVC drop down screen with side tracks in Auckland CBD
type="transparent" thickness="10"]

Fancy a more sophisticated drop down blinds system?

Check out our Ziptrak® outdoor screens range!

Ziptrak® is a fantastically easy to use patio blinds system. Lift it up/down within seconds, leave at any height, cover up to 6 m with one blind – this is all Ziptrak®! 

Enquire now!

Mesh Fabric Ziptrak Auckland
Mesh Fabric Ziptrak Auckland

Cafe outdoor shades technical specifications

Crank operated drop down screen
Crank operated drop down screen
Cafe screen
High grade stainless steel brackets



MIN – 500 x 500 mm

MAX – 4500 x 4000 mm


manual (crank) or automated (remote/wall switch)

Free hanging – with floor anchors

Fitted with side tracks


Docril (acrylic canvas) – 132 colours

Shadeview Mesh – 25 colours

Achilles (Japan) PVC – 0.75 mm clear or tinted


Gearbox – black/grey/white

Bottom rail – black/white

Stainless steel brackets

Customised bottom rail to Dulux powder-coat range


Why choose our Cafe outdoor blinds?

We offer a very high quality product at a competitive price!

Great lead time – from 10 working days

Hand-operated and motorised options

High-quality PVC and mesh fabrics

Range of types – free hanging, guide wires and side tracks

What is a cafe screen?

A drop down screen (also known as café curtains, drop down awnings, pull down screens or external blinds) is a mesh, PVC or canvas partition that can be used for a wide variety of openings: windows, doors, balconies, patios, porches, car ports and so much more.

The main benefit of these outdoor screens is that you can retract them easily when you want to allow more sun into your home or office.

What are the café screens made of?

Our café screens consist of stainless steel mounting brackets, aluminium hardware and fabric (acrylic canvas, clear, tinted or non-transparent PVC, polyester mesh).

Click here for more technical information on our drop down screens.

What is the largest span I can cover with external screens? What is the minimum size?

Our team at SunGuard can manufacture an external drop down screen to fit any size between 500W x 500H and 4500W x 3500H.

Looking for a screen to cover larger areas, such as decks, patios, balconies, cafés?

If yes, you may want to check our page on automation options.

Can I use drop down screens for decks and patios?

Absolutely! Drop down screens are great for windows, doors, balconies, decks, carports, patios, porches, cafés, etc. We can custom design retractable screens for nearly any kind of opening.

Call us now at 0272007034 for a free consultation with our experts on outdoor blinds.

Start creating the outdoor area you’ve always dreamed about

Get a free no-obligation in-home measurement & quote from our sunshade experts

Worth 150$ – free of charge 

Friendly team of experts ready to help and give professional advice

At your preferred date and time 

No hidden costs

Careful attention to details

Omni Screen with side tracks
Omni Screen with side tracks
Clear PVC cafe screen in Milford
Clear PVC cafe screen in Milford
Clear PVC cafe screen in Albany
Clear PVC cafe screen in Albany

Can I see through the external screen?

This depends on the type of fabric you choose for your blinds.

Shadeview mesh fabric is available in 3 different openness factors – 3, 5 and 10%. This means it allows you to enjoy the views, but still protects you and your property from UV and heat. Click here to browse our mesh fabric collection.

Acrylic canvas  is opaque. Thus, it provides the best UV protection ( UPF 50+). Browse our acrylic fabric collection here.

Clear PVC is absolutely transparent, so you can enjoy wonderful views from your balcony or deck. Outdoor blinds from PVC are durable and lightweight. You’ll find them really easy to operate. Another advantage of PVC drop down screens is that they block UV, rain and wind, which is great for changeable NZ weather.

Are external blinds easy to operate? Can I get my cafe screen motorised?

Café screens roll up and down neatly with the help of a removable crank handle. Easy-peasy! And you can make things even simpler by getting your café screens motorised. Click here to learn more about automation of outdoor sunshade products.

Cafe Screen Takapuna
Omni Screen in Takapuna
Mesh fabric Cafe Screen
Mesh fabric Cafe Screen in Waiuku
Mesh fabric patio blind in Ponsonby
Mesh fabric patio blind in Ponsonby

What hardware and fabric colours are available for cafe screens?

We are proud of our extensive choice of fabrics we can offer for your new cafe screen. Here at SunGuard, we offer 132 colours of plain and striped acrylic canvas and 25 colours of Shadeview mesh. All our fabrics are extremely durable and absolutely safe to use.

We offer 2 standard colours for the bottom rail – Pearl White and Black. Crank gearbox comes in 3 standard colours – Black, Grey and Pearl White. What’s more, you can order custom powder coating by Dulux® Powder & Industrial Coatings and have the hardware coated in any colour you like.

How much do drop down screens cost in Auckland?

Prices of café screens depend on the size and type of fabric you choose. An average sized manual operated screen (2500 mm x 2000 mm) with clear PVC canvas would only cost 958 dollars plus GST. Our prices include manufacture and installation costs. Plus, we offer a completely free measure and quote service!

To book a free onsite consultation with one of our experts call us now at 0272007034 or click here.

When you buy a drop down screen from SunGuard, you get top quality at an attractive price!

How long does it take to install outdoor screens in Auckland?

In the normal run of things it only takes one day to complete installations, however, that depends on how many external screens you order. A single window drop down screen can be installed in an hour or even faster than that. If you order motorised outdoor blinds, installation may take a bit longer.

When ordering café screens, please check the lead time with our experts. Normally, it takes  7-10 days to manufacture external screens, but sometimes it gets really busy (like during the Christmas holidays), so the lead time may change.


Do café screens need much maintenance? 

Not really, café screens are easy in everyday use and don’t need much care. However, you might want to clean them once or twice a season with mild detergent and water. Just gently wipe them off so that you can get rid of the small particles of dust on the fabric, especially if you have mesh screens.

Do you want your outdoor screen to last longer? Here are some tips!

– Make sure fabric is clean and free of any debris.

– Do not wash the screens with harsh chemicals or pressure washer.

– Allow fabric to dry before you roll the screens up.

If your screens are motorised…

If there’s something that prevents the screen from retracting, remove the obstacle, then lift the screen.

– Do not operate your screens in high winds

– Make sure that power gets to the unit without interruption

–  Replace the battery in the remote control when necessary

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