Shaderunner® retractable shades

Shaderunner® retractable shade

Shaderunner® retractable shades

Sleek and durable

Manual or Automated (Somfy®) operation

Individual replaceable fabric panels (Shaderunner® Pro)

UV protection and glare reduction

Marine grade SS316 components

Up to 7m wide in a single shade

Shaderunner retractable shades features:

The Shaderunner® is a high-quality retractable shade system that is customized to meet the specific needs of each individual project. Each of Shaderunner retractable shades is designed and manufactured to provide the ideal shading solution that can handle larger areas or more complicated sites that other pre-made retractable shade systems cannot manage.

Key features:

  • Provides effective protection from UV rays
  • Allows for flexible controllable shade
  • Can be neatly folded away when not in use
  • Offers the option of waterproof fabrics
  • Can be manually operated or with motorised
  • Features a modern design
  • Capable of spanning large areas
  • Provides excellent weather protection all year round
  • Blends in with various architecture styles ranging from modern suburban homes to traditional country residences and French villas

Shaderunner retractable shades models:


The latest PRO model comes with customizable fittings in all sections to offer more versatility. The Sail fabric panels are fitted into the cross profiles individually, which makes it possible to replace them if needed, and also to choose several different colours as an option. The sturdy aluminium extruded support profiles make it possible to cover a large area up to 7m wide with just one system. If the area is wider, extra systems can be installed to provide additional coverage. High strength 316 stainless steel running wires and tension fittings enable large extensions, typically up to 12m as a single system. Subject to site conditions and structural design, the Pro 30 model can accommodate even larger spans. Additionally, it is possible to use twin Shaderunner® fabrics on the same wires, which can be stacked at both ends and extended to the centre.


Width: 7m maximum*

Extension:    Up to 12.0m as a single system using the PRO 15 model

Extensions over 12.0m available using the PRO 30 model*

Fabric drop: 250-500mm typical stowed fabric depth (custom designed to suit site conditions)

Running Wires:    2 x Stainless Steel Wires as standard (additional wires where required)

Operation: Manual operation as standard with endless cord system & cleat

Motorised option with remote*

Motor type: RTS motor in powder coated slimline headbox

Sensors: Optional wind, sun or rain sensors

Shaderunner® Pro
Shaderunner® Pro


The Classic is the original Shaderunner®, and it has been successful on the market for over 20 years. The fabric is made in a single piece and has fixed pulley positions, while sturdy aluminium support profiles enable it to cover large areas of up to 6.5m wide with a single system. If you need to cover a wider area, additional systems can be added for further coverage. High-strength 316 stainless steel wires and tension fittings allow for large extensions, usually up to 14 meters as a single system. Depending on the site conditions and structural design, it may be possible to have even larger extensions. Additionally, twin Shaderunner® fabrics can also be used on the same wires, with the ability to stack at both ends and extend to the centre


Width: 6.5m maximum

Extension: up to 14.0m as a single system

Fabric Drop: 250-500mm typical stowed fabric depth (custom designed to suit site conditions)

Running Wires:     2 x Stainless Steel Wires as standard

(additional wires where required)

Operation: Manual operation as standard with endless cord system & cleat

Motorised option with remote* (Conditions apply)

Motor Type: Somfy RTS motor in powder coated slimline headbox

Sensors: Optional Somfy wind, sun or rain sensors

Wind Resistance: 25 knots (or to suit engineer design of support structure)

Beaufort Scale: 6 Strong Breeze

Shaderunner® Classic
Shaderunner® Classic


The Shaderunner® TRAX is made from highly durable components, which include custom-designed aluminium tracks and framework, stainless steel roller bearing wheels, and marine-grade fittings.

With the use of strong aluminium extruded support profiles, the system can cover a wide span of up to 7 meters with just one system. If the area is wider, additional systems can be linked together to provide coverage.

There are two versions of the Shaderunner® Trax available – Pergo (aluminium modular framed structure) and Mono (side mount to existing structure beams).


THE SHADERUNNER® TRAX  ‘Pergo’ model offers a variety of bolt-together aluminium joiner connectors, giving you the flexibility to choose the best frame configuration for your site conditions. The lightweight yet sturdy aluminium posts, beams, and running tracks allow for easy installation using bolt-together techniques. These aluminium components can be powder coated in a range of colours to match your surroundings. The structure works well with SunGuard exterior drop down blinds.


Width: 7m maximum, with a single system, larger widths achieved by linking structures together

Extension:     Up to 7m

Fabric Drop:          250-500mm typical stowed fabric depth (custom designed to suit site conditions)

Framework details: 120x120mm Aluminium Posts & Beams

120x80mm Aluminium Running Tracks

Aluminium Coupling Joints & Bases

Stainless Steel ball bearing runner wheels

Operation: Manual operation as standard with endless cord system & cleat

Motorised option with remote

Motor type: RTS motor in powder coated slimline headbox

Sensors:      Optional wind, sun or rain sensors


THE SHADERUNNER® TRAX  ‘Mono’ model is supported by 40x40mm aluminium tracks. These tracks can be attached to the inside faces of existing steel or timber framed support structures, with the use of an aluminium angle.

The maximum width between the side tracks is 4 metres, and the maximum extension is determined by the dimensions of the existing side structures.

The Shaderunner® Trax ‘Mono’ can be manually operated with an endless cord system and cleat, or can be motorized and Somfy automation package.

Shaderunner® Trax
Shaderunner® Trax
Shaderunner® shade over a pool
Shaderunner® shade over a pool
Shaderunner® shade inside a timber pergola
Shaderunner® shade inside a timber pergola
Shaderunner® shade inside a steel frame
Shaderunner® shade inside a steel frame

Shaderunner retractable shades’ operation

The Shaderunner is available in both manual and motorised versions, with roller bearing pulleys and marine-grade stainless steel wires ensuring a smooth operation. The manual system features an infinite cord design that allows the fabric to be extended and retracted easily and quickly, with the cord then secured and tied off at the horncleat. In cases where the Shaderunner® is sloped or angled or for larger systems, a manual winch can be added to assist with operation, and the winch handle can be detached and stored away when not in use.

For the ultimate convenience, the Shaderunner® can be automated using a Somfy RTS motor, which is housed in a slimline powder-coated headbox. With the Somfy remote control, the Shaderunner can be effortlessly extended or retracted with a simple touch of a button.

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Shaderunner retractable shades’ fabrics range

The Shaderunner® is crafted using a variety of top-notch fabrics that possess both durability and aesthetic appeal, making them capable of withstanding high levels of usage as well as the challenging weather conditions in New Zealand. This uncomplicated but effective system provides the ultimate convenience of being able to control the amount of shade needed, thus allowing for maximum use of outdoor spaces. The Shaderunner® can be constructed with either Vistaweave mesh fabrics, which provide reliable shading with a 95% block out rate, or translucent waterproof PVC, which offers weather-resistant protection. Each fabric is resistant to mold and offers protection from both glare and harmful UV rays, with a wide selection of colours to choose from.

Vistaweave 95 is a type of woven mesh that is highly adaptable for use in various outdoor applications, such as blinds, awnings, and even marine-related uses. It has a distinctive weave that effectively blocks the sun’s rays while also providing an attractive textured look. Vistaweave is a well-established brand that has been available in Australia and New Zealand for more than four decades, earning a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

Key features:

  • Reduces heat transmission
  • Improves air-conditioning efficiencies
  • Provides UVR protection
  • Reduces glare in direct sunlight
  • Provides privacy without compromising the view
  • Allows moderate flow of fresh air
  • Mildew and salt water resistant
  • Supported with a five year warranty
  • Environmentally friendly

Actual product or fabric colour may vary from the images shown on the website. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. In addition, lighting conditions at the time the photo was taken can also affect an image’s color. It is highly recommended to physically check the colours in the swatches available for viewing prior to placing an order.

Shaderunner retractable shades’ installation types

The Shaderunner® can be set up on a pre-existing or custom-made pergola, or between walls, fascias, or standalone posts. Constructed using only the most durable 316 stainless steel fittings and marine grade Ronstan ball bearing pulleys, the Shaderunner® Retractable Sail provides years of hassle-free shading with minimal maintenance.


  • Posts to posts
    • For a two-wire system, two posts are installed at both ends of the area that needs to be covered. Stainless steel cross wires are then placed horizontally between the posts for the control cord. If more than two support wires are required, a supporting beam can be installed between the two end posts to attach the additional support wires. This application is suitable for:  Shaderunner® Pro, Shaderunner® Classic
  • Fascia/building to posts
    • Custom-engineered brackets are used for building/fascia fixings, with the sail support wires spanning over to the self-supporting posts. This application is suitable for:  Shaderunner® Pro, Shaderunner® Classic
  • Wall/fascia/building to wall/fascia/building
    • It is possible to create shade in confined areas by attaching fixings on both sides. Custom-engineered brackets are used for the building fixings, with the sail support wires spanning between them. This application is suitable for:  Shaderunner® Pro, Shaderunner® Classic
  • Existing frames and pergolas
    • If there are already steel or timber frames and pergolas in place, the Shaderunner® can be easily installed either within or under the structure beams. This is a straightforward way to upgrade and provide shade to areas that were previously unusable. This application is suitable for:  Shaderunner® Pro, Shaderunner® Classic, Shaderunner® Trax Mono
  • Difficult areas
    • In situations where access is limited and traditional bored pier footings are not possible, or when base fixings are required on decks, balconies, or rooftops, the perfect solution is the self-standing Aluminium Pergo frame structure. It can be designed with various footing options or attached to existing concrete or beams in certain cases, making it possible to install this structure in situations where other options are not achievable.
Shaderunner® wall to wall installation
Shaderunner® wall to wall installation
Shaderunner® posts to posts installation
Shaderunner® posts to posts installation
Shaderunner® wall to posts installation
Shaderunner® wall to posts installation

Shaderunner retractable shades’ warranty and use


Built to last, the Shaderunner® is offers many years of worry-free operation. To ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind, we provide the following warranties:

  • 5-year warranty on components and workmanship
  • 5 to 10-year warranty on fabrics
  • 10-year warranty on fabric stitching or welding
  • 5-year warranty on Somfy motors



The Shaderunner® Retractable Shade System is well-suited for various applications in residential settings, such as outdoor entertainment areas, patios, decks, swimming pools, and many more. It blends seamlessly with any architectural style, ranging from contemporary suburban homes to traditional country residences, thanks to its broad selection of fabrics and colour choices.


The Shaderunner® is a top choice for commercial retractable shade due to its exceptional precision and attention to detail during construction. It is made from durable components and thoroughly tested fabrics, making it a robust and reliable solution for large-scale retractable shading. With its unique design requiring support only at both ends, the Shaderunner® can span large areas with minimal need for intermediate support structures or columns, making it an ideal choice for commercial and community applications such as Aquatic Centres, Bowling Clubs, Sports Facilities, Hospitality Venues with Alfresco Dining areas, Beer Gardens, Wineries, etc.


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