Aluminium Outdoor Shutters

Bermuda 2000 outdoor shutters in Stonefields

Aluminium Outdoor Shutters

Australian Made Shutters

Capable of withstanding high winds
– Wind rated to 185km per hour

Suitable for both internal and external applications

10 Year Finished Product Warranty

Available in 40 Colours:
– 4 Standard Colours
– 36 Custom Colours

Blade Sizes: 60mm, 90mm and 115mm

Off the wall mounting systems
Locking options available

Bi-fold, sliding and hinged options available

Aluminium Outdoor Shutters benefits

Outdoor aluminium shutters have a wide range of applications and can be used both indoor and outdoor. They are highly practical and durable with sturdy powder coating and high end materials used.

Our outdoor shutters are designed and fabricated to accommodate the layouts based on location and application. This ensures our aluminium shutters are suitable for a wide range of applications and installation types. We have been using and installing our shutters on balconies and decks, alfresco dining areas and outdoor patios. We’ve also been fitting the shutters indoors – bedrooms, lounges, studies – everywhere you can imagine.

Aluminium shutters also offer a great deal of thermal efficiency – the shutters create a barrier between the window and the elements providing insulation and better thermoregulation as they deflect the heat away. Moreover, outdoor shutters will protect your interior and furnishings from fading out.

Another great benefit of outdoor aluminium shutters is their low maintenance. Built to last, these shutters are resilient, withstand the elements and boast a 10 year warranty on finished products. All the hinges we use in our outdoor shutters range are stainless, ensuring the everlasting joy of use.

Extra durability of the outdoor shutters is proven by their toughness – they are built and tested to withstand winds up to 185 km/h!

Outdoor shutters are a fantastic addition to any property and will add value, thermal comfort and security to any property or area you install them in!

Australian made shutters colours
Australian made shutters colours
Aluminium outdoor shutters
Custom powder coated Bermuda 2000 shutters
Bermuda 2000 shutters in a build-out frame
Bermuda 2000 shutters in a build-out frame
Outdoor shutters in Remuera
Outdoor shutters in Remuera



Aluminium – Grade 6063 tempered to T5


Thermoset Powder Coating – 60 um, Anodised – 20 um


60*11.00 mm – Aerofoil Blade – Australian made only

90*11.00 mm – Aerofoil Blade

115*11.00 mm – Aerofoil Blade

COLOURS (powder coated)

Gloss White – Imported only

Gloss Birch White – Imported only

Precious Silver Pearl

Satin Black

Wood Grain

COLOURS (anodised)

Natural – Imported only





COLOURS (custom colour)

Dulux powder coating range

*All custom powder coated colours will use black end caps and components unless advised at point of ordering.

*The tilt bar will be powder coated to the colour of the shutter.




Width – 60 mm

Thickness – 30 mm


Width: 82 mm, thickness – 26 mm – 90 mm blade

Width: 95 mm, thickness – 26 mm – 60, 115 mm blade


Side/rear with aluminium bar

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What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of the aluminium outdoor shutters?

The minimum width of an outdoor aluminium shutter panel is 250 mm. The maximum width is 1000 mm for a hinge panel, 750 mm for a bi-fold panel and 1350 mm for a fixed or a slider panel.

The maximum height of a panel is 3600 mm and 1950 mm for a panel without a divider rail.

The approximate weight of a panel is 13.8 kg/m2 – this depends on the type of the panel.

Can you hinge the panels together?

Yes, but this system is not recommended for use with big size panels. We can only hinge 2 panels together, with the maximum height of 1500 mm. All hinges used are stainless.

What blade options are available?

We currently have 3 Aerofoil blade options: 60, 90 and 115 mm.  Please note that all blade sizes have minimum blade depth clearances – to ensure all blades have enough space to rotate.

Front of panel to back of tiltrod:

60 mm blade – 55 mm depth

90 mm blade – 70 mm depth

115 mm blade – 85 mm depth

What frame options are available?

There is a variety of standard aluminium shutter framing available to order with your shutters. They range between L-frames and Z-frames with different dimensions to ensure the best possible operation of your shutters. We also have a range of T-posts and additional profiles to help work with non-standard windows/frames. When a L-frame is used, a complete frame is produced by inserting Aluminium corner stakes that are screwed from the outside. These ensures that the frame will be able to carry a hinged panel up to 3 m2.

Can you fit aluminium shutters in bay windows?

Yes, it is possible, however there are no standard framing options available for bay and corner windows. Framing can be constructed and would need to be confirmed on an individual basis.

What are the additional options?

Aluminium outdoor shutters can be fitted with flyscreens regardless of the installation application.

When a face fix is required and the panels need to be installed off a window opening, a frame is created using 50×50 square section which is attached to the building via a bracket support with 2 feet for attaching to the wall.

There is a range of locking options available for use with outdoor shutters: options include flush bolts, keyable locks with throw bolts or face mounted patio bolts. It is recommended to only have one locking system per pair of shutters as a D-mould will hold the other panel shut.

What shutters type is right for me?

Riviera AL PVC shutters in Devonport

Most affordable option

13 standard blade colours

Suitable for humid areas

63/89/115 mm blades

Provence Timber Shutters in Parnell

Light weight and classic

7 Wood grain finishes

13 standard paint colours

63/89/115 mm blades

Bermuda 2000 shutters in a build-out frame

Fully powder coated

High quality aluminium blades

Security features

Australian made shutters

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