Shutters – PVC, Timber & Aluminium

Bermuda 2000 Aluminium Shutters in Devonport
Bermuda 2000 Aluminium Shutters in Devonport


PVC – affordable & durable

Timber – classy & stylish

Aluminium – secure & easy to maintain

63, 89, 115 mm blades

Fixed, hinged, bi-fold & sliding

Wide range of colours

Variety of framing options

Angles, shapes available

Australia or China manufactured

Indoor & outdoor shutters benefits

Shutters are an everlasting classic solution to all sorts of indoor/outdoor sunshade situations.

We offer a wide range of shutters suitable for all types of application, both indoor and outdoor. Our team has partnered up with some of the best shutters manufacturers currently available on the market with years and years of experience in shutters industry. If you’re looking for quality indoor or outdoor shutters – look no further, you’ve found us!

Shutters can be a great addition to any interior or exterior area of your house/office or restaurant.

PVC shutters are probably the most popular type of shutters currently available on the market. These come in 3 different blade sizes – 63, 89 and 115 mm. That allows us to manufacture and fit PVC shutters in virtually any shape, design and location. PVC indoor shutters come in a variety of standard and custom colours – our friendly team will be definitely able to guide you towards the best suitable solution that will be right for you and your house. Our PVC shutters are aluminium reinforced – meaning they have metal inserts fitted both into the blades and the frames, making them resilient and durable. PVC interior shutters are great for humid and wet locations, such as kitchens, bathrooms where classic timber shutters may not be the best solution.

Timber shutters – an everlasting classics of the shutters world – plantation shutters, Paulownia shutters, Basswood shutters – whatever you call them, they are those shutters you might have seen 20 or 30 years ago, but better. We have worked hard to source some of the best timber indoor shutters available on the market – being light-weight and durable, elegant and sophisticated.

Aluminium shutters – these shutters are mainly used outdoors, but can be used everywhere. A wide range of additional options such as flush bolts, locks, great durability and longevity of powder coated aluminium – all this makes it a perfect product for any area of your house. Outdoor aluminium shutters will become one of your favourite add-ons to your house.

All our shutters can be manufactured in a range of types – anything you can think of – fixed in U-channel, hinged, double hinged, bi-fold hinged, bifold on a track, sliding panels – you name it! We can also manufacture our shutters in custom shapes and angles – just get in touch with our team today and we’ll get our engineers to have a look into your enquiry straight away!

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Our range:

Riviera AL PVC shutters in Devonport

Affordable and popular. Wide range of indoor application. Easy to maintain.

Provence Timber Shutters in Parnell

Great looking classic timber shutters. Made from sustainable timber. Wood grain finishes.

Bermuda 2000 shutters

Durable and elegant. Powder coated outdoor shuters with a range of additional options.

What shutters type is right for me?

Riviera PVC Shutters North Shore

Most affordable option

13 standard blade colours

Suitable for humid areas

63/89/115 mm blades

Provence Timber Shutters in Parnell

Light weight and classic

7 Wood grain finishes

13 standard paint colours

63/89/115 mm blades

Bermuda 2000 outdoor shutters on a sliding track

Fully powder coated

High quality aluminium blades

Security features

Australian made shutters

Why choose our indoor and outdoor shutters?

Great range – PVC, timber, aluminium

Both China and Australian made

10 Years Warranty on all shutters

Any shapes and angles

Lead time – from 6 weeks!*

*Australian made aluminium shutters only

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Shutters NZ – technical characteristics and features:

What blade sizes are available?

Our shutters use the most popular blades sizes on the market – 63/89 and 115 mm for all shutter systems – indoor PVC and Basswood shutters/ Aluminium shutters.

What material is used for indoor shutters?

We use both non-toxic PVC with aluminium inserts and sustainably grown Basswood timber for our range of quality internal shutters. Our Basswood timber is a natural and eco-friendly component, that we source from premium grade plantations found in slow growing, colder, high alpine regions of the world.​

What colours are internal PVC shutters available in?

Our extensive range of indoor PVC shutters is available in a wide range of colours. Choose from 13 carefully selected colours – you will definitely be able to find a colour that you will fall in love with.

PVC shutters colours
PVC shutters colours

What colours are indoor timber shutters available in?

Our extensive range of internal timber shutters is available in a wide range of colours. Choose from 13 carefully selected paint colours or 7 wood grain stain colours. 

Timber shutters colours
Timber shutters colours

Want to find out more about our PVC/timber/aluminium shutters range?

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What types of shutters do you offer?

Our team has thoroughly worked to source the best available systems of shutters to offer you. All our shutters (PVC, timber and aluminium) are available as fixed in frames, panels only, hinged, bi-folding and sliding on a track (1 or 2 channel).

What extra options are available?

Our range of shutters can be fitted with a range of additional options, such as: security flush bolts, keyable locks with throw bolts or face mounted patio bolts. For hinged door aluminium shutters we recommend using Whitco door handle system.

What shapes are shutters available in?

All our shutters are custom made to fit the size and shape of your windows. Apart from standard shapes, angles and rakes are also available.

What hinges do you use for shutters?

All our shutters are supplied with high-quality non-mortise hinges, making installation much easier and less intrusive. There is a range of hinge colours available.

What is the maximum shutter panel size?

Maximum shutter panels size depends on the type of the shutters. The maximum panel size is aluminium shutters fixed or slider – those can be manufactured up to 1350 mm wide and 3600 mm high. Please note that all panels over 1200 mm in width will be supplied with a control on each side.

Bermuda 2000 A500 sliding shutters
Bermuda 2000 A500 sliding shutters
Outdoor shutters in Remuera
Outdoor shutters in Remuera
Bermuda 2000 Aluminium Shutters in Devonport
Bermuda 2000 Aluminium Shutters in Devonport

How can you control the shutter blades?

We supply shutters in 3 most popular control types available on the market. These range between front tilt rod, hidden tilt rod (clearview control) and invisible control.

What frames are available for indoor/outdoor shutters?

Shutters can be supplied and fitted with a range of standard framing: L-frame, Z-frame of different sizes. T-posts to split bigger openings in several panels are also available. 

How much do shutters cost?

The cost of shutters depends on the type and operation type. Generally, the cost of imported PVC shutters starts from 459 dollars plus GST per square meter.

How much does shutters installation cost in Auckland?

If you order shutters from SunGuard, installation cost is already included in the price.

Can you fit indoor shutters in a bay or a corner window?

All indoor shutters can be fitted in bay and corner windows using a selection of 45 degrees custom made frames.

What sliding shutters are available?

We have a range of A-100 and A-500 sliding track systems – those include 1 and 2 track systems allowing a wide range of sliding shutters application. All indoor shutters on a sliding track can be supplied with a headboard (pelmet) and side frame – that will guarantee a full light block when the panels are closed.

Mesh Fabric Ziptrak Auckland

Elegant and space efficient, our drop down screens can be both manual and automatic. Use highest quality clear PVC or one of our finest mesh fabrics to create an unrivaled outdoor experience.

Sunscreen roller blinds Auckland

Sleek, attractive and modern – the rollershades from SunGuard are your first choice when it comes to UV and sun protection.

Choose from our range of sunscreen, light filtering and blackout fabrics.

Horizon Monobloc Retractable Awning in Piha

From open type to fully enclosed. From manual to fully automated. Plain and striped fabrics. Great quality with no compromises.


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