Folding arm awnings

Folding Arm Awnings
Fetuna Folding Arm Awning in Takapuna

Folding Arm Awnings

Easy to control sunshade

Up to 7 m wide

Up to 4 m in projection

Light rain protection

Manual and automated, wind/rain sensors

Wide range of fabrics – 10 years warranty!

Rust free – made of aluminium

No supporting poles required

European engineering, NZ made

Retractable awnings benefits

Are you keen to get an aesthetically pleasing and versatile outdoor sunshade for your Auckland house? Looking for a retractable sun cover that can withstand harsh NZ sun and elements?

Look no further! Our team has hand picked some of the best retractable awnings that are currently available on the NZ market. These folding arm awnings have been designed and engineered in Europe, famous for its retractable sunshade culture. All types of awnings you can think of are available at SunGuard: open type, awnings with a protective hood, fully enclosed cassette awnings.

Our awnings will perfectly fit any NZ property that can be fitted with an awning – houses, units, apartments, penthouses. We also offer a wide range of commercially applicable retractable canvas awnings – cafes, restaurants, that coffee place of yours…

All our awnings are made of rust-resistant aluminium, powder coated using highest quality Dulux coatings and boast a generous 5 years warranty. We also use a wide range of acrylic fabrics, from the world renown industry leaders such as Docril, Planosol, etc. All our fabrics have 10 years warranty, are solution dyed and are water resistant. Please keep in mind that the canvas awnings are primarily designed to be used as sun covers, meaning that it is not recommended to have the awnings open during the rain.

Our retractable sunshades are made to measure, ensuring that they will perfectly fit your deck. Our friendly team of experts will happily come to your place in Auckland (other locations available on request) and will seek the best suitable outdoor sunshade solution for you and with you!

Choose from our huge selection of the fabrics: both plain, textured and striped. From white to black, from yellow to red – any colour is in there!

Our main fold out awnings models are:

Ellipse Monobloc awning – entry level affordable folding arm awning, only available in warm white hardware colour. Suitable for smaller (up to 5 m x 3 m) and less windy areas.

Horizon Monobloc awning – a sturdy open type awning with 3 hardware colours available. Can be fitted with a protective half pelmet. Suitable for bigger areas (up to 6 m x 3.5 m).

Fetuna Cassette awning –  a fully enclosed awning. The fabric and all the components stay inside the cassette when the awning is retracted, protecting them from the UV, rain, dust etc. It is our biggest awning and can be manufactured up to 7 m wide and 3.5 m in projection.

Call us today to find out more about our folding arm awnings range and get a free measurements and consultation session in Auckland!

Our range:

Folding arm Ellipse Monobloc

Our most affordable retractable awning. Lightweight and easy to install. 5000*3000 mm maximum size. Can be motorised.

Horizon Monobloc Retractable Awning

A solid folding arm awning. Great value for money. Can cover areas up to 13.5 metres wide. Manual and automated options available.

Fetuna Cassette Retractable Awning

A classy retractable awning. Polished performance guaranteed. Comes with a top-of-the-range fully enclosed cassette protecting the components and the fabric from the elements.

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Competitive prices

Why choose our folding arm awnings?

We offer some of the best prices on the market!

Fantastic lead time – from 10 working days!

Heavy-duty aluminium componentry! 5 year warranty!

High-quality acrylic and mesh fabrics!

Crank, wall switch and remote operated options!

Horizon Retractable Awning
Horizon Retractable Awning in St Marys Bay
Fetuna Cassette Awning
Fetuna Cassette Awning in Epsom
Horizon Monobloc Awning in Paerata
Horizon Monobloc Awning with a hood in Paerata

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Awnings NZ – technical characteristics and features:

What material is used for retractable awning components?

We use only high quality components from world renowned suppliers to make your outdoor folding arm awnings sturdy and durable. Arm components and profiles are manufactured from solid corrosion resistant aluminium. Heavy-duty springs ensure the optimal fabric tension at all times to ensure efficient water drainage when it rains.

What colours are folding arm awning components available in?

Awning hardware is available in three standard colours: Warm White Pearl, Silver Pearl and Matt Charcoal. If you wish to have your awning components in other colours, you can order Dulux® custom powder coating. We can do any colour you like for an additional cost.

More details on custom powder coating here (pdf)

What fabric is used for retractable awnings in Auckland?

Here, at SunGuard, we offer a fantastic range of colours and textures, both plains and stripes for your Auckland awnings. Our awning fabrics collection includes 25 colours of Shadeview Mesh and stunning 132 colours of Docril Acrylic Canvas.

Docril awning fabrics naturally create a cool and comfortable environment by reducing solar heat gain by up to 90%. These fabrics have been tested for harmful substances or chemicals and certified by a global system Oeko-TexR Standard 100. Dupont Teflon coating makes Docril exceptionally resistant to water, high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion and stress-cracking.

Horizon Monobloc awning in Maraetai
Horizon Monobloc awning in Maraetai
Folding arm awnings
Folding arm awning in Snells Beach
Motorised retractable awning in East Auckland
Motorised retractable awning in East Auckland

How do retractable awnings work?

Retractable awnings mean that you can move them in and out. There are two main ways of operation: manual (crank operated) and automated (motorised).

Manually operated awnings in Auckland

With these classic awnings you simply need to rotate the handle to open and close the cover. Manual operation is not reliant on electricity, which is great for deck and patio awnings that aren’t anywhere close to an electricity supply.

How to use a manually operated folding arm awning from SunGuard?

Turn the crank handle to retract or wind out your awnings. Make sure you keep the handle on the same angle as the gearbox position.

When extending the awning try and reach the best position. To do so, you may need to wind the handle forwards and backwards. Check whether the folding arms are in place and the awning canvas is stretched taut nicely.

When retracting your outdoor awning ensure that you do not jam the fall bar against the roller as this can indent the fabric. The fabric must always roll off the top of the roller tube.

Motorised retractable awnings in Auckland

An electric awning is more desired by most New Zealanders as it makes operating absolutely effortless. Our exterior awnings can extend or retract with a push of a button. We safely install a premium European motor inside the awning tube and then connect it to your electricity supply. Our automated folding arm awnings can be operated via a wall switch or remote control handset.

How to use an automated awning from SunGuard?

Motorised retractable awnings are easy to use, as we carefully set inner and outer limits during installation. Simply push the button (up/down) to extend or retract your awning. If you wish to stop your folding arm awning in some position, push the central button on the remote or a wall switch.

Our motors have a 3-4 minute run time, after this time they can stop operation so that the motor won’t be damaged by a thermal overload. Don’t worry if this happens, just let the motor cool down for about 10 minutes in summer or less in winter. Things will return to normal.

Please note that remotes use batteries, which you will have to change occasionally.

Ellipse Monobloc Awning on Herald Island
Ellipse Monobloc Awning on Herald Island
Horizon Monobloc Awning in Unsworth Heights
Horizon Monobloc Awning in Unsworth Heights
Integral Cassette Awning in Westhaven
Integral Cassette Awning in Westhaven

Can I order sun & wind sensors for my motorised retractable awnings in Auckland?

Improve your experience even more with our sun and wind sensors for folding arm awnings. They will automatically close the awning when the wind reaches the programmed safety level or can extend when the sun comes out. By doing so, they will prevent your deck or patio awnings from getting damaged. Weather sensors can run on batteries, be solar powered, or simply wired into your electricity supply.


How to install a retractable awning?

Awnings can be both wall and soffit mounted with a bracket footprint of 170-250 mm. We can craft brackets of a particular size and shape, so that an awning can be easily installed in any challenging location.

How much do retractable awnings cost?

The cost of retractable awnings depends on various factors, such as size, controls, colour of the components, installation type etc. Please click here to see some of the prices for the most popular awning models. Give us a call or request a free quote to get an exact cost of an awning in Auckland.

How much does folding arm installation cost in Auckland?

If you order retractable awnings from SunGuard, installation cost is already included in the price.

Topline awning in Hillsborough
Topline awning in Hillsborough
Ellipse Monobloc awning in Manurewa
Ellipse Monobloc awning in Manurewa
Integral Cassette Awning in Westhaven
Integral Cassette Awning in Westhaven

How to take care of a retractable awning? Dos & Don’ts

Retract your outdoor awnings in periods of extreme weather: high winds and heavy rain. If the awning pitch is less than 15°, you risk collecting water in the fabric which can easily damage your awning.

Do not roll your awning away when the fabric is wet.

Do not attempt to adjust or remove any awning component, as you may get injured or simply cause the product malfunction.

The awning canvas requires seams along the width, so a slight wavy effect or small wrinkles are completely normal.

Do not use BBQs or any other cooking or heating equipment under your patio or deck awning, as this can damage the fabric and cause mould/mildew.

Do not spray water at the motor head of an automated awning.

Check all fasteners annually.

How often should I clean my folding arm awning?

Clean your awning components every 6 months. If your awning is installed at the beach front, geothermal or industrial areas, you need to clean the hardware more often, every 1-3 months, depending on pollution.

How to clean a retractable awning?


Carefully remove any loose surface deposits from the components with a wet sponge.

Use a soft brush (non abrasive ) and a mild household detergent (do not use solvents) in warm water, remove dust, salt and other deposits.

Rinse off with clean fresh water.


Clean your fabric with a soft-bristled brush and rinse with water.

If there are any stains, clean them with a neutral detergent mixed in lukewarm water and rinse.

Always allow fabric to dry completely before rolling it.

Is there a warranty for retractable awnings? How long does it last?

We provide a five-year limited warranty on all hardware components of the system. Our fabrics come with 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that this warranty will be void if the damage was caused by vandalism, extreme weather conditions, water ingress to the motor caused by insufficient flashing, incorrect operation or improper cleaning.


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NZ manufactured sunshade
NZ wide delivery
NZ made components
Competitive prices
Fast delivery awnings
NZ made fabrics