Folding arm awnings

Folding Arm Awnings
Fetuna Folding Arm Awning in Takapuna

Retractable Awnings

Easy sunshade control

Perfect fit guaranteed: Custom-made awnings tailored just for you

10-Year Fabric Warranty for Peace of Mind

Crafted with Premium Rust-Free Aluminium

Sleek Design: No Bulky Supporting Poles Required

Light Rain Protection for Added Comfort

European engineering, proudly NZ made

SunGuard: Your top choice for bespoke retractable awnings in New Zealand

Here at SunGuard, we pride ourselves on offering aesthetically pleasing and versatile solutions that can withstand the harsh New Zealand sun and elements, providing you with both style and functionality for your outdoor space.

Our retractable awnings are crafted with European engineering, known for its excellence in sunshade design. From open type classic awnings to awnings with streamlined aluminium protective hoods, or fully enclosed cassette awnings, our diverse range ensures there’s an option to suit your preferences and needs.

Whether it’s for houses, units, apartments, or commercial spaces like cafes and restaurants, our canvas awnings are the ideal fit. Constructed with rust-resistant aluminium and powder-coated using high-quality Dulux coatings, our awnings are built to last and are backed by warranties.

SunGuard Service Coverage: From Auckland to Nationwide

No matter where you are in Auckland, our team provides comprehensive coverage. We measure and install awnings across all Auckland suburbs and regions, ensuring every area, including (but not limited to) Auckland City, North Shore, Rodney, Waitakere, Franklin, Papakura, Manukau, Waiheke, Omaha, Warkworth, receives the perfect sun cover.

We proudly provide nationwide shipping and offer customized awnings tailored to your provided measurements. Once manufactured, we’ll ship it directly to you for self-installation. Our shipping services extend to Wellington, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Christchurch, Greymouth, Queenstown, Dunedin, and numerous other towns across New Zealand.

Premium Awning Canvas

Each of our retractable sunshades is made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit for your deck and optimal coverage. Choose from a vast array of plain, textured, and striped fabrics in various colours to match your aesthetic preferences. Our extensive selection of acrylic fabrics from industry leaders like Docril and Planosol offers superior quality and durability, with a 10-year warranty and fade & mould resistant properties.

Designed and manufactured in Spain, Docril stands as the flagship brand of 100% solution-dyed acrylic canvas, tailored for awnings, marine covers, and sun umbrellas. Renowned for its unparalleled dimensional stability, Docril boasts exceptional water repellence, evidenced by its perfect Spray Test score of 100—allowing water to effortlessly slide off its surface. Additionally, Docril exhibits remarkable resistance to abrasion, rot, and mildew, ensuring longevity and durability. With an impressive colour fastness rating of 7-8 on the Blue Scale, Docril fabrics maintain their vibrant hues over time.

Docril Blue Scale test
Docril Blue Scale test

Furthermore, Docril fabrics are treated to repel dirt and stains from oil-based products, facilitating easy maintenance. Splashes, dry stains, and spills can be effortlessly cleaned with a dry cloth, while dry stains are easily brushed off. Docril presents an extensive array of 132 premium-quality fabrics, including both plain and striped options, tailored to complement any décor while delivering exceptional sun protection. With the capability to block up to 90% of harmful UV rays, our fabrics ensure both visual appeal and thermal comfort, enhancing your outdoor experience.

Fetuna Cassette in Maraetai
Fetuna Cassette - custom soffit brackets
Horizon monobloc - soffit undermount
Horizon monobloc - soffit undermount
Fetuna Cassette - wall face fix
Fetuna Cassette - wall face fix

Our Retractable Awnings Range

Explore SunGuard’s signature models, including the Ellipse Monobloc, Horizon Monobloc, Fetuna and Integral Cassette awnings, Vertigo Window awning, each offering unique features and design elements to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you prefer a classic style or a modern design, we have the perfect retractable awning to suit your needs.

Monobloc Awnings Auckland
Monobloc Awnings Auckland

Ellipse Monobloc

With its classic style, the Ellipse retractable awning embodies simplicity and charm. Engineered and custom-made in New Zealand, the Ellipse offers a generous area of coverage – up to 6 meters wide and 4 meters in projection, making it ideal for decks of any size and other outdoor areas. The Ellipse is our only awning that can be fitted with adjustable pitch arms, allowing you to easily raise or lower one or two sides of the awning when required.

Horizon Monobloc

Made of quality aluminum and stainless steel components, the Horizon is our premium heavy-duty open-type awning, renowned for its time-tested and trusted design, reinforced mounting brackets, and elegant appearance. Add an aluminium hood for a streamlined finish. The Horizon can be manufactured up to 14 meters wide on request and is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Cassette Awnings Auckland
Cassette Awnings Auckland

Fetuna Cassette

Developed in France and manufactured in New Zealand, the Fetuna Cassette is an enclosed retractable awning that combines modern design, top quality, and minimal maintenance. When retracted, the fabric and awning mechanisms are well-protected from the elements, ensuring a longer product life and superior functionality. Made with quality aluminium and marine-grade stainless steel components, the Fetuna Cassette is built to last and comes with a five-year warranty.

Integral Full Cassette

This compact fully enclosed cassette awning works well across a range of architectural and design styles – it only takes up 180 mm of space on the wall! Sleek and stylish, the Integral boasts quality French components and an excellent reputation in the awning industry. When not in use, the canvas and folding arms are completely concealed in the cassette, ensuring a clean and tidy appearance and effective protection of the mechanism.

Drop Arm Awning Auckland
Drop Arm Awning Auckland

Vertigo Drop Arm Window Awning

Stylish and elegant, our Vertigo drop-down awning is designed to substantially reduce cooling costs during summer and protect interior furnishings from the harsh NZ sun all year round. Available in two projections – 1m and 1.5m, this awning can be up to 4.5 m wide, making it easy to fit above most ranch slider sliding doors or windows.

Retractable Awning Installation Choices

Folding arm awnings can be fitted in three different ways: wall face fix, soffit undermount and in front of the gutter using custom made soffit brackets. These allow to save the space under the soffit and provide better coverage as the awning will be able to have bigger projection.

Awnings installation types
Awnings installation types

Standard Awning Colours & Personalized Powder Coating

Discover an array of standard powder coating colours for each of our distinct awning models. The Ellipse series offers Warm White Pearl, Matt Black, and Silver Pearl options, while the Horizon and Fetuna models feature Warm White Pearl, Silver Pearl, and Matt Charcoal. The Integral model showcases Warm White Pearl exclusively.

Vertigo drop arm awning is available in Warm White pearl and Silver Pearl powder coats.

Elevate your awning further with custom powder coating, enabling you to match it flawlessly to any shade from the Dulux range, seamlessly blending it into your outdoor space.

Motorization Options

Enjoy the convenience of motorized operation with Alpha or Somfy motors, featuring built-in electronic transmitters for remote control and additional sensor integration. Alpha Motors are covered for 7 years, while Somfy Motors are backed by a 5-year warranty, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.  Both Alpha and Somfy motors come with built-in electronic transmitters that enable remote operation using hand-held remotes or wireless wall switches. Optionally, motors can be controlled using hard-wired wall switches or even BMS (building management systems). Alpha motors can also be optionally fitted with manual override function – this allows to manually (using a supplied crank handle) retract the awning in an unlikely case of a power cut.

Motors with built-in radio receivers (RTS) can be paired with a range of additional sensors. These sensors include wind, rain, motion and sun and can retract or open the awning depending on the weather.

Optional Wi-Fi Hub Compatibility

Elevate your awning experience with optional Wi-Fi hub compatibility, allowing remote operation from anywhere via your smartphone.

Peace of Mind Warranty

Our warranty coverage ensures peace of mind for your investment. Components and workmanship are backed by a 5-year warranty each, while our Docril Acrylic Canvas boasts an impressive 10-year warranty.

Get in Touch Today!

Reach out to us today to schedule a complimentary measurement and consultation session in Auckland. Our friendly team is ready to guide you in discovering the ideal folding arm awning solution tailored to your requirements.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with SunGuard retractable awnings, seamlessly merging style, durability, and functionality.

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Our range:

Folding arm Ellipse Monobloc

Our go-to retractable awning offers affordability without compromising on quality. Easy to install and lightweight, with a maximum size of 6000*4000 mm. Adjustable pitch, protective aluminium hood options available. Can be automated.

Horizon Monobloc Retractable Awning

A reliable folding arm awning that has been a staple in the New Zealand market for over 25 years, offering exceptional value. Can be covered with an optional aluminium hood for a sleeker appearance and enhanced fabric protection. Manual and automated options available.

Fetuna Cassette Retractable Awning

Fetuna Cassette Awning: Experience sophistication and durability with our premium enclosed cassette design. Protects against the elements while seamlessly integrating into your outdoor space. Automation packages available.

Which retractable awning is right for me?

Ellipse Monobloc awning in Manurewa

Lightweight open type awning

Size options up to 6m wide and 4m projection

Adjustable pitch and hood options

Locally sourced components

Crafted in New Zealand

Horizon Monobloc Awning

Size options up to 6m wide and 4m projection – bigger widths available

Aluminium hood/half pelmet available

French manufactured components

Heavy duty design tested by time

Crafted in New Zealand

Folding Arm Awnings

Size options available up to 7m wide

Enclosed in a cassette for a sleek look and added protection

Enhanced wind resistance

Utilizes French components

Crafted in New Zealand

Fetuna Cassette Awning in Dannemora

Why choose our folding arm awnings?

We offer some of the best prices on the market!

Fantastic lead time – from 10 working days!

Heavy-duty aluminium componentry! 5 year warranty!

High-quality acrylic and mesh fabrics!

Crank, wall switch and remote operated options!

Transform your house into a cozy home with retractable awnings from SunGuard

Receive a free, no-obligation in-home measurement and quote from our sunshade experts

Friendly team of experts available to provide professional advice and assistance

Flexible scheduling to accommodate your preferred date and time

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs

Careful attention to detail to ensure the highest quality results

Awnings NZ – technical characteristics and features:

What material is used for retractable awning components?

At SunGuard, we prioritize the use of only high-quality components sourced from renowned suppliers to ensure the sturdiness and durability of your outdoor folding arm awnings. Arm components and profiles are meticulously crafted from solid corrosion-resistant aluminium. Our heavy-duty springs maintain optimal fabric tension, facilitating efficient water drainage during rainy weather. Additionally, we employ marine-grade bolts and nuts for enhanced durability and longevity.

What colours are folding arm awning components available in?

Each of our awe-inspiring awning models offers a range of standard powder coating colours, with variations such as Warm White Pearl, Silver Pearl, Matt Charcoal, or Matt Black. For those seeking bespoke options, our Dulux® custom powder coating service allows for a tailored selection of any colour at an additional cost.

More details on custom powder coating here (pdf)

What fabric do we use for our retractable awnings?

Here at SunGuard, we take pride in offering a diverse range of Docril Canvas colours, encompassing both plains and stripes for your awnings. Docril awning fabrics provide natural cooling and comfort by reducing solar heat gain by up to 90%. Certified by the global Oeko-TexR Standard 100, these fabrics undergo rigorous testing for harmful substances. The Dupont Teflon coating ensures exceptional resistance to water, high temperatures, chemical reactions, corrosion, and stress-cracking.

Want to find out more about SunGuard retractable sunshades range?

Fill out a form using the button to the right and we will email you a brochure about our folding arm awnings.

How do retractable awnings work?

Retractable awnings offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing seamless movement in and out as needed. They can be operated manually (crank-operated) or automated (motorised). Notably, our Ellipse awning model offers an optional adjustable pitch feature, enabling precise control of the pitch with a convenient crank handle.

How to use a manually operated awning from SunGuard?

Our classic manual operation entails simply rotating the handle to effortlessly open and close the cover. This method boasts independence from electricity, making it particularly suitable for deck and patio awnings without close access to power sources.

Turn the crank handle to retract or wind out your awnings. Make sure you keep the handle on the same angle as the gearbox position.

When extending the awning try and reach the best position. To do so, you may need to wind the handle forwards and backwards. Check whether the folding arms are in place and the awning canvas is stretched taut nicely.

When retracting your outdoor awning ensure that you do not jam the fall bar against the roller as this can indent the fabric. The fabric must always roll off the top of the roller tube.

How to use an automated awning from SunGuard?

For those seeking enhanced convenience, our motorised awnings offer effortless operation with the mere push of a button. Easily operated via a wall switch or remote control handset, our motorised awnings are meticulously designed for seamless integration and ease of use. Inner and outer limits are meticulously set during installation to ensure optimal functionality and user-friendliness. Additionally, our motors come equipped with built-in protection mechanisms against thermal overload, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Can I get sun & wind sensors for my automated retractable awnings?

Elevate your outdoor living experience with our cutting-edge sun and wind sensors that automatically adjust the awning based on prevailing weather conditions. These state-of-the-art sensors not only enhance convenience but also safeguard your investment by preventing damage during adverse weather events.

How to install a retractable awning?

Our retractable awnings can be effortlessly wall or soffit-mounted with a bracket footprint of 170-250 mm, providing unparalleled versatility in installation. We pride ourselves on our ability to craft brackets of specific sizes and shapes to accommodate even the most challenging locations.

How much do retractable awnings from SunGuard cost?

The cost of our premium retractable awnings varies based on several factors, including size, controls, colour of components, and installation type. Rest assured, our pricing is competitive, and we offer transparent pricing options to suit your budget. Additionally, for Auckland orders, installation and delivery costs are already included in the price, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Horizon Monobloc Awning Auckland
Horizon Monobloc Awning Auckland
Fetuna Cassette Awning Gulf Harbour
Fetuna Cassette Awning Gulf Harbour
Integral Cassette Awning in Westhaven
Integral Cassette Awning in Westhaven

How to take care of a retractable awning?

Proper care and maintenance are essential for maximizing the longevity and performance of your retractable awnings. We recommend retracting awnings during periods of extreme weather to prevent damage. Avoid rolling the awning when the fabric is wet and refrain from adjusting or removing any components. Routine cleaning and maintenance are paramount, with recommended cleaning intervals of every 6 months.

How often should I clean my folding arm awning?

The cleaning frequency of your folding arm awning depends on various factors, including location and environmental conditions. Generally, we recommend cleaning hardware components every 6 months, with more frequent cleaning for areas prone to pollution or debris buildup.

How to clean a folding arm awning?

For hardware components, gently remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge before using a soft brush and mild detergent in warm water to remove dust and deposits. Rinse with clean water to complete the cleaning process. When cleaning fabric, use a soft-bristled brush and mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry completely before rolling.

Topline awning in Hillsborough
Topline awning in Hillsborough
Ellipse Monobloc awning in Manurewa
Ellipse Monobloc awning in Manurewa
Integral Cassette Awning in Westhaven
Integral Cassette Awning in Westhaven

Is there a warranty for retractable awnings from SunGuard?

How long does it last? To provide you with added peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive five-year limited warranty on all hardware components of the system. Additionally, our high-quality fabrics come with an impressive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s important to note that while we stand behind the quality of our products, the warranty may be voided if damage is caused by vandalism, extreme weather conditions, water ingress to the motor caused by insufficient flashing, incorrect operation, or improper cleaning.

Mesh Fabric Ziptrak Auckland

Elegant and space-efficient, our drop-down screens offer both manual and automated options. Made with the highest quality clear PVC or our finest mesh fabrics, exterior blinds from SunGuard create an unrivalled outdoor experience.

Roller blinds in Auckland

Sleek, attractive, and modern, SunGuard’s rollershades are your top choice for UV and sun protection. Choose from our range of sunscreen, light-filtering, and blackout fabrics.

Provence Timber Shutters in Parnell

SunGuard’s interior timber shutters offer both style and durability. Crafted with elegance and durability in mind, these shutters embody a unique charm, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.


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