Venetian blinds

Timber Venetian Blinds Auckland

Venetian Blinds

PVC, Timber, Cedar & Aluminium

25, 46, 50 & 60 mm slats

Width up to 3.0 m

Drop up to 3.0 m

20+ colours

Control the angle of light

Great for privacy

Venetian blinds benefits

Venetian blinds top our list of the best products for a reason — excellent range of material used for manufacturing, incredible level of control, and remarkable durability.

SunGuard offers three great venetian blinds options: Marupa timber or natural cedar venetian blinds, faux timber PVC venetian blinds and classic aluminium venetian blinds.

The main advantage of venetian blinds is that they all offer an exceptional level of control over the amount of sunlight that is allowed into your home or office. You can simply tilt the blades to any desired angle or raise and lower the whole blind if needed, ensuring that you are always in control. Horizontal blinds are also great as they allow to control the privacy in any given area of the house or office by tilting the blades – allowing you to have natural light while keeping the privacy up.

PVC venetian blinds (also known as faux wood venetian blinds) are a wonderful and durable product made of sustainable PVC that allows usage of these venetian blinds in humid areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and others. PVC blinds can be up to 2400 mm wide and 3000 mm in height. These PVC blinds are available in 50 mm slats and following colours: White, off-white, canvas.

Marupa Timber venetian blinds are a classic variation of venetian blinds – these are made of sustainably grown and sourced timber. They are much lighter than the PVC blinds, offering better and easier user experience. Our Marupa wooden venetian blinds are available in 50 and 60 mm slats. The colours we stock at our Auckland warehouse are: white, alabaster, black, light and dark oak for 50 mm slats and 60 mm white blades. Timber blinds can be manufactured up to 2400 mm wide and 3000 mm in drop.

Cedar venetian blinds are a luxury variation of standard timber venetian blinds – offering even lighter blades and possibilities of making even bigger blinds covered by the warranty. The cedar venetian blades are available in 46 and 60 mm widths. Colours available are: light, medium and dark cedar, standard painted slats, off white painted slats and 60 mm white cedar blades. Cedar venetian blinds can be manufactured up to 2400 mm wide and 3000 mm in drop.

Please note that all of the above venetian blinds can be technically manufactured up to 2700 mm wide, but those blinds would not be covered by our warranty due to increased weight.

We are also offering a wide range of standard aluminium venetian blinds: both 25 and 50 mm slats. These are a classic and affordable blind variation. Combined and split-side controls are available. Aluminium blinds can be made up to 3 m wide and 2700 mm in drop.

We can also manufacture sloping blinds, venetian blinds for skylights and two separate blinds on one headrail.

Venetian blinds are available in stunning colors, and don’t miss out on the quality either. Our blinds are manufactured with the best components ensuring that your blinds will serve you as long as you want them to.

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Venetian Blinds Range:

Timber Venetian Blinds

Offering the impressive beauty of natural timber, these wooden and cedar venetian blinds are a choice for nature-inspired interiors.

PVC venetian blinds Auckland

PVC (faux wood) venetian blinds are a great option for the high-humidity areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Available in 25 and 50 mm slat widths these cost-effective venetian blinds suit perfectly offices, bedrooms and other areas where light control is crucial.

What Venetian shades are right for me?

Timber Venetian Blinds

50 mm slats

Light weight blinds

Natural timber texture

Sustainable Marupa Timber

PVC venetian blinds Auckland

Suitable for humid areas

Cheaper than Timber blinds

Durable slats

Eco-friendly PVC

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Affordable venetian blinds

25 and 50 mm blades

Biggest venetian blinds

Sturdy aluminium

Why choose our venetian blinds?

Great factory-direct prices!

Fantastic lead time – from 7 working days!

Wide range of materials: PVC, Timber, Cedar and Aluminium

Perfect for sunlight control

25, 46, 50 and 60 mm slats

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    Venetian blinds NZ – technical characteristics and features:

    How are venetian blinds operated?

    All venetian blinds are controlled with either a set of cords or a cord/wand control unit. 25 mm venetian blinds are usually operated with a wand and a pull-down cord. Wand is used to rotate the slats and the cord is used for pulling the blinds up/down. 50 mm blinds are usually operated with two sets of cords – one set is used to pull blinds up or down and another set of cords used to rotate the blades. All our venetian blinds can also be fitted with hold down clips to prevent the blinds from flapping in the wind and hitting the windows.

    How are venetian blinds fitted? 

    All venetian blinds can be fitted both inside and outside of the frame or reveal. Inside fit provides a neater look and save a bit of space. However, inside fit requires more drop for the blinds to stack when fully lifted – please bear that in mind when if you want to order venetian blinds – for instance, 3000 mm high 50 mm PVC venetian blinds have 308 mm of stack height.

    What areas are the venetian shades suitable for?

    In general, venetian shades can be fitted in any room or area. However, some of the blinds are a better fit for specific rooms – for example, PVC horizontal blind are better for humid areas such as kitchens or bathrooms as the blades are much more durable and won’t warp. Aluminium venetian shades are great if you don’t have much space – given you were to buy 25 mm venetian blinds – this will save you heaps of space. Timber venetian blinds are great for lounges and bedrooms if you’re looking for the classic look and natural textures.

    What are the maximum dimensions of venetian blinds?

    The maximum size of a single venetian blind depends on the type of the blind and the width of the blades. In general, 50 mm PVC/timber/cedar venetian blinds have a maximum width of 2400 mm for a single blind and 3000 mm of height. However, these are the maximum parameters that can’t be combined in one blind, meaning that the maximum size would depend on the combination of both width and drop. Drop us a line if you require a bigger blind and we will let you know the maximum dimensions for every type of venetian blinds.

    PVC venetian blinds in Ellerslie
    PVC venetian blinds in Ellerslie
    Timber Venetian Blinds
    Timber Venetian Blinds in Whangaparaoa
    Cedar Venetian Blinds in Matakana
    Cedar Venetian Blinds in Matakana
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