Benefits of blinds and
awnings in Auckland

Sunlight protection

Awnings in Auckland can give you even more sunlight protection. In combination with quality blinds from SunGuard, folding arm awnings form a unique duet that’ll be totally versatile and effective in protecting your home from UV.

Rain protection

Our exclusive awnings can serve as rain protection on some occasions. Take pleasure in the moments with your family on your deck and enjoy being outdoor even in the rain. Mind that awnings can only be used as rain protection in minor rain.

Expand your outdoor area

Create a comfortable to use and enjoyable for all outdoor space. Play with your kids or spend quality time with your loved ones in pleasant & safe shade. Our awnings will help you with that.

Add style and elegance to your home

Stand out on your street with premium blinds and awnings from SunGuard.

Furnishings & floors protection

By ordering blinds or awnings from SunGuard you will protect all your furnishings and floors from the harsh NZ sun and UV.

Better privacy

You will be in charge of choosing how much can be seen through your windows.

Better looking interiors

Having more than 300 fabrics to choose from, you’ll be able to choose the best for you. Additional accessories such as control chains, bottom rails of different colours and shapes will add style to your blinds.

Better energy consumption

Have you ever been surprised by your energy bill? Having modern blinds installed can prevent you from overpaying. Energy efficient fabrics for roller blinds can help you keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Picking the best blinds is no easy task as SunGuard offers a number of great options.
So tell us about your needs and wishes and we’ll recommend the best products for you.
It’s all about you.
Unique. Individual. Only from SunGuard.