Getting the most out of your Ziptrak® blinds  experience

 Ziptrak® Blinds Operation – few Ziptrak tips to achieve the best results.


If you are using standard spring-balanced (hand-operated) Ziptrak® drop down screens, make sure you operate the blind from the centre so that the material will roll evenly onto the top tube.

If you operate from one side, with time the blind will start to retract onto the top tube unevenly and the bottom bar will not look level when the blind is fully retracted.


 If you have got automatic Ziptrak® blinds, do not leave them unsupervised when in motion. To increase the life expectancy of the motor do not operate the blind in high winds as harsh weather conditions will intensify pressure on the mechanism. During high winds leave your Ziptrak® blinds either fully retracted onto the top tube, or fully down and locked at the bottom. In the event of extreme weather, it is important to fully retract Ziptrak® blinds onto the top tube.

In windy conditions pressure against the blind material may hamper operation. To reduce the pressure just use your hand and push against the blind material.

Make sure you don’t roll up the blind when it is wet or have some condensation on it, as moisture within the rolled up blind material may cause mold to grow.

Ziptrak® screens should always be easy to operate. If you find the blind difficult to operate for no obvious reason, please contact us.

Ziptrak® Screens Cleaning

Keeping PVC or mesh blinds clean is a part of essential maintenance. Do not allow bird droppings, dirt or stains to remain on the material.

You can clean the blind with a soft cloth and soapy cold water. Wait until it gets dry before you retract the blind.

We recommend using VuPlex® cleaners for PVC Ziptrak screens.

Make sure you are treating PVC with care as this material will show marks more readily than fabric. The PVC surface may be easy to scratch. For the best cleaning results, PVC blinds should be wiped with a cloth until they get completely dry.

Do not apply full strength detergents, cleaning fluids, soaps, insecticides or garden sprays to the blind material. Do not use window cleaning detergents.

Do not use bore water to clean the material. Make sure bore water sprinkler systems do not hit the blind.

Never use petrochemicals or solvents on the blind material.

Do not clean the blind with a high-pressure hose or water blaster.

Smooth Operation

In general, Ziptrak® blinds are easy in operation and require minimal maintenance.

However, if you are using Ziptrak®  screens in dusty environments you may wish to add lubricant to assist in the continued smooth track-guided operation of the blind.

Use a food grade silicone spray, e.g. Helmar H4000. Pull the blind all the way to the ground, and then spray the silicone in the groove between the spline tape and the track. Use only a small amount of spray. Lubricate the entire height of the track, from top to bottom, for about 10 seconds. Spray both the left and right tracks, on only one side of the blind. Open and close the blind several times after application so that the silicone will spread evenly within the track.

Never use any oil based lubricants such as WD40, as they will damage the spline tape and clog the dust inside the track.

Ziptrak user guide
Ziptrak user guide

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