Our Prices

Indoor blinds

Type of blindFabricTypical sizeApprox. price (GST included)*
Blackout roller blindsSunset **HOT DEAL**1500 * 1300120 NZD
Blackout roller blinds6th Avenue1500 * 1300156 NZD
Sunscreen roller blindsN-vision 5% **HOT DEAL**1900 * 1000144 NZD
Sunscreen roller blindsUniview 2%1900 * 1000164 NZD
Double roller blindsSunset + N-vision **HOT DEAL**2300 * 1400375 NZD
Double roller blindsTempo blackout + Tempo light filtering2300 * 1400450 NZD
Cellular/Honeycomb blinds38 mm single cell cord operated1650 * 1500395 NZD
Cellular/Honeycomb blinds38 mm double cell top down/bottom up2000 * 1300550 NZD
Vertical blinds 89 mmDawn blockout2500 * 2000450 NZD
Vertical blinds 127 mmSunset **HOT DEAL**2000 * 1800310 NZD
25 mm Aluminium venetiansselection of colours1200 * 1000180 NZD
50 mm Woodefex venetianssynthetic wood, 3x colours available1800 * 1100345 NZD
50 mm Marupa venetiansreal timber, selection of colours1800 * 1100380 NZD

Outdoor products

Ellipse Monobloc retractable awningmanual, crank operated, face fit4000 * 20002190 NZD
Horizon Monobloc retractable awningmanual, crank operated, face fit6000 * 25003900 NZD
Horizon Monobloc retractable awningautomatic, Alpha motor (China) + remote4500 * 30003765 NZD
Fetuna Cassette retractable awningmanual, crank operated, soffit fit4600 * 25004850 NZD
Fetuna Cassette retractable awningautomatic, Alpha motor (China) + remote6900 * 30007100 NZD
Vertigo Window awningmanual, crank operated3000 * 15001500 NZD
Cafe Screen (clear PVC)manual, crank operated2500 * 2000855 NZD
Cafe Screen (Mesh fabric)manual, crank operated3000 * 15001050 NZD
Ziptrak Screen (clear PVC)manual, no pelmet4000 * 20001950 NZD
Ziptrak Screen (Mesh fabric)manual, full pelmet2500 * 30001800 NZD
Ziptrak Screen (Mesh fabric)automatic Alpha motor, remote + full pelmet6000 * 25004400 NZD

* Please note that these are APPROXIMATE PRICES given for a limited number of products of particular sizes and types of fabrics/skins.

To give you an accurate price for your awning or screen we need to get more details from you, like the exact measurements, type of skin/fabric, operation system etc.

Please request a FREE quote and measurement online or call us at 027 200 70 34 now.

We manufacture our blinds and awnings here in Auckland and aim at providing the best possible balance between prices and quality.We source our fabrics and components from recognized and well-known suppliers around the world in order to offer Kiwis the best choice.​​

Our fabrics have been carefully selected to match the most popular designs and colours used in Auckland houses, apartments and offices.

Our philosophy is simple: we earn profit from happy long-term customers, not from one-off high-priced orders. That is why our prices are reasonable, we do not charge for in-home measurements across Auckland, offer discounts and special deals to all our valued customers and have special programmes for returning customers.

​​Have a look at some of our prices and imagine how you could get new solid blinds for as little as that.

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