Tips on choosing right blinds for your home

When you get to the point, where you decide that you need blinds installed in your Auckland house or office, it can be a bit daunting when you realize how many options there are. Don’t panic just yet! SunGuard are here to help you and make a right decision.

Dual roller blinds

Before choosing what to get installed, think about what problem you want to solve with your new blinds. It can be either lack of privacy from your neighbours or by-passers, fading due to harsh UV furniture or simple design change. Once you’ve determined the issue, start choosing from numerous systems.

Roller blinds or dual rollerblinds? 89 or 100 mm vertical blinds? 25 or 50 mm Venetian blinds? Aluminium, basswood or synthetic wood venetians? Auckland-based SunGuard has them all and some other new systems to choose from.

Let’s cover the main ones, starting with the most popular one – roller blinds.

Roller blinds or roller shades are the most popular modern blinds. In most cases it consists of an aluminium tube, with fabric rolled on it. It is controlled by a chain on either side of the tube or can also be automated with a wireless or wired motor. Some of our automated roller blinds are equipped with weather stations and sun sensors, allowing to automatically lift or lower the blinds when the sun comes out.

Roller blinds have a number of various sub-systems, based on the used fabric. Blockout roller blinds are one of the most popular ones. The fabric that is used in block-out roller shades is 100% dense, meaning that no light can pass through. Sun-filtering roller blinds are in contrast a more translucent variation of roller shades. Thermal rollerblinds are something in the middle, with almost 0% sunlight coming through, but with an additional thermal layer on the back isolates even heat and cold and helps you to save money on power bills.

If you want to keep or install usual curtains – roller blinds are number 1 choice for you. They don’t take much space, can be easily lifted or lowered and are very functional. Don’t forget about double roller blinds, as they combine two separate blinds in one set of brackets. Benefit from using block-out and sun-filtering fabric in one blind.

The downside of all rollerblinds is that you can’t actually control sunlight or use your window, if your blind is lowered. In case you want to have full control of your window or sliding door of your Auckland house, have a look at vertical blinds. This system of blinds allows rotation of slats and their movement to the sides of the upper track. That means that you can easily control the amount of sunlight that enters your room, whilst still having some level of privacy and shade. That also means that you can access your window or door through the slats, without having to stack them aside.

Vertical blinds Auckland

In case you’re looking for blinds most suitable for your kitchen or bathroom, give venetian blinds some thought. They can be easily cleaned, are heat and mould resistant. Venetian blinds can be manufactured, using aluminium, basswood or synthetic wood. They are also easily controlled, can be lifted or lowered using a cord. The slats can be rotated with the help of a wand. They can be used in an office environment as well, where space is limited and you need to be able to control the sunlight and level of privacy.

Venetian blinds in Auckland

Overall, if you’re thinking of installing blinds for your house – give us a call at 027 200 70 34 and we will come to your house for a free of charge consultation. We’ll look together at the issues you’re facing and will give you the best possible advice, so you can benefit from the blinds you choose.

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