Enhance Your Space with Muriwai Custom Aluminium Shutters – Versatile, Stylish, and Built to Last

Muriwai Aluminium Shutters

Enhance Your Space with Muriwai Custom Aluminium Shutters – Versatile, Stylish, and Built to Last

Are you in search of the perfect solution to enhance your outdoor living space or add a touch of modern elegance to your interiors? Look no further than our Muriwai Series, where versatility meets style in the form of custom-made aluminium shutters designed to withstand New Zealand’s diverse weather conditions. Our Muriwai Series outdoor aluminium shutters from SunGuard bring more than just good looks to your outdoor spaces. These shutters do a lot! They give you the power to control how much privacy and fresh air you want. Whether you need shade or a cool breeze, these shutters have you covered. Plus, they’re tough enough to handle New Zealand’s weather and keep unwanted noise away. With SunGuard’s outdoor aluminium shutters, your outdoor space becomes a peaceful and stylish retreat where you can relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of outdoor living.

Durable Design, Unmatched Quality

The Muriwai Series boasts a heavy-duty aluminium construction, ensuring durability that can withstand high winds of up to 185 km per hour. Manufactured in New Zealand, Muriwai Series from SunGuard features a heavy-duty aluminium construction, ensuring resilience against winds of up to 185 km per hour. We take pride in using only the highest quality aluminium and stainless-steel 316 components, guaranteeing longevity and resilience against the elements. With a 10-year finished product warranty*, you can trust that our shutters are not only stylish but also robust and built to last.

Flexible Fixing Options

Choose from a range of fixing options to suit your specific needs:

  • Fixed in channels
  • Off the wall built-out frames with fixed panels
  • Hinged
  • Sliding (recessed into floor tracks available)
  • Bi-folding (recessed into floor tracks available)

Tailored Blade Options

Customize your shutters further with our blade options:

  • 90 mm x 12 mm
  • 115 mm x 15 mm

A Palette of Possibilities – Hardware and Customization

Select the perfect hardware colours to complement your style:

  • Standard: Pearl White, Silver Pearl, Satin Black
  • Imported: Gloss White, Gloss Cream, Silver Pearl
  • Custom colours: Interpon and Dulux Duralloy range

Explore extra options like rakes and angles, as well as custom powder coating to ensure your shutters perfectly match your vision.

Perfect Fit for Every NZ Space

SunGuard takes pride in our ability to custom design and supply shutters based on your location and application. Operating in the wider Auckland region and Waikato, we also offer nationwide shipping, ensuring that every corner of New Zealand can experience the beauty and durability of our Muriwai range. Whether you’re in the bustling city or the serene landscapes, our shutters will seamlessly enhance your spaces. The Muriwai range fits a variety of openings and shapes, making it ideal for decks, patios, verandas, pergolas, alfrescos, balconies, and more. The sleek and modern design allows for indoor installation as well, providing a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Low Maintenance, High Efficiency

Muriwai requires minimal maintenance, offering a cost-effective solution over the long term. Additionally, these aluminium shutters contribute to improved energy efficiency by creating a barrier from the elements, with aluminium’s heat-deflecting properties enhancing insulation.

Security Options for Peace of Mind

Choose from a range of security options, including flush bolts, patio bolts, Whitco key handle locks, and keyable locks with throw rods, ensuring your property stays safe and secure.

Elevate your space with the Muriwai Series – where durability, style, and customization converge to create an unparalleled shutter experience. Contact us today to bring the beauty of made-to-measure aluminium shutters to your home, whether you’re in Auckland, Waikato, or anywhere across New Zealand.

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