Rollershades fabrics in Auckland

Our range of roller shades fabrics is extensive and will satisfy the most demanding taste. Choose from our selection of sheer, opaque and blockout fabrics to suit your interior and design. Modern palette and high quality are two main features of fabrics we use to manufacture our roller shades in Auckland. All our fabrics are thoroughly tested and can boast long lasting characteristics. Discover more about the specific features of every fabric and learn how we can use them for block-out, thermal, sun-filtering and dual roller blinds.

Blockout range

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Barbados blockout

A fashionable fabric that adds depth and warmth to your home. Available in a rich variety of colours.

Roller blinds Auckland

Plaza blockout

A popular solid coated fabric. Sanitised with antibacterial coating to resist mold and mildew. Practical and available in a wide range of colours.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Kenross blockout

A classic texture combined with timeless elegance. Light filtering and blockout textures match each other in a variety of colours so that you can efforlessly combine them.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Palau blockout

A lightweight linen-textured fabric offers identical colours for blockout and light-filtering options to create an organic match around the house.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Atmosphere blockout

A contemporary palette and an easy-to-clean soft foam coating on the back. Great for your home.

Vertical blinds fabric Auckland

Saturn blockout

A subtle and sophisticated weave pattern. A fresh colour choice. Perfect for modern homes.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Willandra blockout

The simplicity of subtle colour options and a matching light-filtering range to add to the interior design of your dreams.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Zen blockout

A highly practical solid coated fabric. It is extremely durable and has an easy-to-clean surface and a modern looking palette.

Sunscreen range

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Designer series sunscreen

An advanced and highly technological sunscreen fabric with 5% openness factor.

Roller blinds Auckland

Extraview sunscreen

A great sunscreen fabric with an average openness factor of 5% , depending on the colour. Excellent for the daytime privacy and UV protection.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Silverscreen sunscreen

A gorgeous sunscreen fabric with a metal backing providing excellent glare and heat protection while allowing clear vision out of your windows.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Sunline sunscreen

A sunscreen fabric with a recyclable yarn in a 2 x 2 basket weave. Available in 5% and 10% openness factors.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Ultraweave Series II sunscreen

The 2 x 2 weave construction provides stability and excellent vision. It’s great for controlling glare, heat and UV.

Sun filtering range

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Atmosphere sun-filtering

Subtle & calm colour palette with no bright colours to effectively supplement your interior design. Can be easily matched to a blockout option.

Roller blinds Auckland

Kenross light-filtering

Elegant and timeless texture due to its original structure. Light filtering and blockout textures match each other in a variety of colours.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Palau light-filtering

Lightweight and elegant linen-textured fabric with different opacity levels available for an enhanced organisation of your interior.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Saturn light-filtering

Soft weave and fresh colour palette provides you with a great variety of choice when it comes down to finding a perfect match for your exquisite interior design.

Roller blinds fabric Auckland

Willandra light-filtering

Neutral colours and original raised texture offer a fantastic combination of warmth and comfort. Choose blockout or sun-filtering opacity.

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