Whisper cellular shades

Whisper cellular shades Auckland

Whisper blinds are a gorgeous aesthetic, solid and innovative type of window covering.

In addition to their boasting modern and elegant design, their unique cellular structure allows for excellent insulation by trapping air inside the cells and reducing heat loss during the winter months and heat gain in summer. They are as functional, as they are beautiful.

We are proud to say that all our Whisper blinds are made from an environmentally-friendly material called spun-bonded polyester. It is 100% recyclable and firmly resists dust.

Our cellular blinds come in three most popular configurations:

Standard cord lock bottom-up

A classic operating system with a cord which is pulled to raise the blind. To lock in the desired level just pull sideways. To release – pull in the opposite direction and lower the shade.

Top-down bottom-up shades

A revolutionary option allowing to be both dropped away from the top as well as raised from the bottom. This gives you the full control over the light and ensures perfect level of privacy.

Day/Night cellular blinds

An enticing combination of two fabric panels used in one shade. You can pick from a number of sheer and opaque fabrics to get your perfect window covering. You can line the fabrics up whichever way you want to create either a voile, a solid roller or something in between.


We also have a wide range of automation options, such as remote controlled cellular blinds, battery driven motors and rechargeable headrail motors. Call us today and our friendly staff will talk you through our numerous options.

Automated cellular blinds
Automated cellular blinds
Cord operated cellular blinds
Cord operated cellular blinds
Honeycomb blinds
Light filtering honeycomb blinds in Castor Bay
Honeycomb blinds in Kohimarama
Honeycomb blinds in Kohimarama
Blockout Honeycomb blinds in Kohimarama
Blockout Honeycomb blinds in Kohimarama


We offer three classes of fabric with completely different characteristics.
Choose any two of them for your unique Day/Night cellular blinds:


Great choice if you need total privacy and light isolation.
Ideal for bedrooms or media rooms.


You can’t see through these fabrics but they still allow some light in creating a nice balance. They effectively protect all your furnishings from UV and direct sun rays.


An analogue to a net curtain. It softens the light and makes your interior look gorgeous, it’s just the icing on the cake.

All our Whisper blinds are available in three cell sizes: 10mm, 20mm and 20mm.

Operating systems

Standard cord lock

A classic operating system with a cord which is pulled to raise the blind.
To lock in the desired level just pull sideways.
To release – pull in the opposite direction and lower the shade.


A looped cord that is simply pulled in one direction to raise the blinds, and in the other one to lower them.
Can be fitted with a cord tensioner to hold the bottom of the loop in place.


With this system you can control your cellular blinds without cords.
The shade will stay in the position you take it to with the help of the smart spring retraction system.


A single self-retracting cord.
Pull the cord to raise the shade and see it retract to its original position after each pull. Pull sideways to release and lower your Whisper blinds.

PowerRise Platinum

An automated option using standard AA batteries or a standard power adaptor plugged into a powerpoint.

Create your unique interior. Buy our stylish Whisper cellular blinds now!

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We offer an extensive range of blinds’ types, fabrics and components. We provide different colours, shapes, unique solutions for irregular windows, automation options and many more details that will make your home exceptional.

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