Roller blinds: blockout, thermal, sunscreen and double

Rolershades Auckland

At a glance:

  • 4 different types of fabric
  • sizes up to 3.0 x 3.5 meters
  • 16 different textures
  • 100+ colours
  • excellent UV protection
  • good for any interior
  • ideal for bedrooms and lounges
  • can be fitted on bay windows

Sleek, attractive and modern – the rollershades from SunGuard are your first choice when it comes to UV and sun protection.

Yes, they can do it all! Our roller blinds can screen, filter or block out the light, but what is most important about these blinds is that they are comfortable and can suit any interior, especially they work well in neutral colours or warm toned blues.

We keep pace with current technology trends! You may wish to have your blinds automated and control all your blinds with a simple touch of a button on your remote control.

Express your unique style with us! We are proud to offer an array of textures and colours to suit even the most sophisticated taste.

SunGuard blinds open up amazing opportunities for your home and office. You can cover extra-wide windows and doors or install a twin-bracket system for dual shades. This way we can combine light filtering and blockout fabrics in one roller shade for you.

What fabrics are available?

At SunGuard we know how important it is to keep your space looking fresh and beautiful, which is why we have over 300 colour and texture options to suit all tastes and budgets.

What are the options?

Double roller blinds

Our dual-layer design lets you personalise your comfort. Great looking double roller blinds allow you to create an exquisite atmosphere in your home and office and manage the sunlight as you like.

Sunscreen roller blinds

Enjoy gorgeous kiwi views out of your window with our subtle and elegant sunscreen roller blinds.

These blinds ensure your privacy while allowing a bit of warm natural light in.

Blockout roller blinds

If you value privacy and enjoy soft perfect darkness during the nighttime, block out roller blinds are a choice for you! Indulge yourself with having the house to yourself: relax your body and mind.

Thermal roller blinds

Thermal roller blinds are great for smart temperature control: they keep some of the heat inside during cold months and keep it out during hot summer days. Save on power bills and stay Eco-wise with our thermal blinds!

Why buy SunGuard products?

Because our roller blinds are great value for money

We do our best to meet the highest quality expectations of our valuable clients and keep reasonable pricing for all our blinds. The secret to our prices is that we source all our components and fabrics in big quantities and benefit from the effect of scale.

Because our blinds are made to measure

We offer only custom made roller blinds. This means that they will perfectly fit any of your windows or doors. We can manufacture blinds based on your measurements or arrange a free in-home consultation with our friendly and always willing to help experts who will do all the work for you, so you can rest assured that your roller blinds will fit your interior impeccably.

Because we offer a great range of fabrics

That is what we are about – offering a vast range of fabrics.

SunGuard offers thermal roller blinds that keep the heat outside during summer and warmth inside during winter.

Blockout roller blinds shield almost 100% of UV rays and glare saving your furniture and interior from fading.

Sunscreen roller blinds will give you reasonable UV protection and good window views.

SunGuard dual roller blinds allow you to combine two completely different fabrics, e.g. blockout and sunscreen.

Because our blinds are manufactured in Auckland

Our blinds are manufactured using the latest technology and are assembled by our well-trained staff in East Auckland, so it is both time and quality that you will be satisfied with. We aim at finishing 90% of orders within 10 working days of the deposit date.

Because our fabrics are high quality

All fabrics used for SunGuard blinds are solid and durable.They are mould, water and fade resistant.

Because we are friendly and hard-working and we do our best to come up to even the most demanding expectations!

What are the features?

Choose your favourite BOTTOM RAIL

Three different shapes are available: strata, round, elliptical.

Eight colours: white, black, ivory, pearl bronze, anodized silver, dune, bone and barley.

If you wish to cover the roller and mechanism – we offer an elegant FASCIA available in different colours including anodized silver, powder-coat in white, black or magnolia.

​You may opt for TWO BLINDS IN ONE (twin bracket) to combine two completely different fabrics and shades in one window.

How do my blinds work?

Manual control – this traditional option includes a chain drive or a stainless spring motor.

Automation – SunGuard rollerblinds can be easily automated. We offer a choice between two systems: traditional hard-wired automation with a remote or wall switch and Q-motion wireless automation. It runs on ordinary batteries and can be operated using a remote or an iPhone/iPad application.

Child safety — Our products meet the highest safety standards. To ensure safety of your kids, we offer a wide range of special devices to make the environment childproof.

Roller blinds Auckland
Sunscreen roller blinds in the CBD

Manufacturing quality blinds is our top priority. We are here to provide you with the best possible experience from buying new roller blinds in Auckland. All our fabrics and components are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and endurance. You can order your blinds online by requesting a quote or flicking us an email.

Our goal is to provide a range of products that would be both high-quality and affordable. Thus we keep our prices reasonable. By working with multiple suppliers and crafting our blinds here in Auckland, SunGuard ensures that you’ll get one of the best deals in New Zealand. We also offer a free no-obligation in-home consultation and measurement across wider Auckland region

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